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Monday, August 31, 2020

No ... I didn't get a picture ... but I SWEAR it happened!!

That Aja.  

Just when I think she has stopped evolving, she surprises me.

I know I have been absent from my blog for over a month.  It has been a busy summer and there was just no time.  But things are slowing down now and just today, a miracle happened.

I mean we have seen a number of smaller miracles in her short time with us.

Over all, she does a lot that tells me she is happy to be with us.  She likes to rub against us, she enjoys a short scratch or rub around her cheeks and neck, and she joins us for short visits into the living room, kitchen or dining room.  Home base is still our bedroom, of course.  But she always runs out of the bedroom to welcome us when we come home.  She is very interested in her meals, escorting us in a "short parade" from the kitchen to the cat food trays in the bedroom and enjoys looking out the bedroom windows at the birds and people.  Small miracles all ... considering how stressed out she was when she arrived 3 months ago.

But she still has her limits.  Does she let me pick her up?  Oh, no.  Does she come into the living room and sleep on the furniture or visit with guests?  Nope. Does she want to cuddle with us?  Most definitely not!  And just last week I attempted to place her on my lap!  I told my husband that she probably will never be a lap cat! No matter.  She gives what she can and we are happy to oblige her.

And then today she came out into the living room - arrived at my chair

 and jumped onto my lap!  

It wasn't entirely a relaxed action.  She was resting on her feet for about 20 seconds. I tried to act like she did this every day.  Ha! And then she settled down on her side and let me rub her cheeks.  And she was purring.  At some point I pulled my hand away to rest on the arm of the chair - and she hissed and smacked my hand with her paw.  I have learned that this hiss reaction means one of 2 things:  Don't stop!  or Stop! So I started scratching her cheek again.  And then after another minute, I could tell she was ready for me to stop.  I pulled my hand away again.  And after about another 30 seconds she jumped down with a parting hiss.  That hiss in most cats is a warning sign of significance.  But not in Aja.  It is just like another way of talking along with her chirps and purrs and meows!  It all fits into the context of what is going on - whether is is negative or positive.

She is a complicated lady!