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Monday, April 30, 2018

Ok, Ok ...


I know.  I've been missing in action AGAIN!

I did hear from a few readers that I was missed!  Ha.  One, and I won't name names - even asked me face to face, "So where are you?" ... to which I resisted the obvious "Right in front of you."

I just go into dips on this blogging thing it appears ... especially when my life seems to be sailing along evenly - without drama and disaster.

Of course, this winter was very eventful.  One of the biggest events of my life.  I officially became of a grandmother of a being with 2 legs!  While this statement sounds a bit odd, those who know me personally know that I have been a grandmother to 4 legged mutts for many many years.  They know me by the title of 'gran-ma.'

My grand daughter, Eskarina Faye, was born February 25 - 7 lbs, 7 ounces.  It has been such a joy to see her grow and develop so quickly.

Eskarina while still in the hospital.  Pretty wide awake here.
But don't be fooled.  There was a lot of sleeping too.
My husband and I with Esk at our condo soon after discharge.
You can be sure I will be sharing more pictures of this little dumpling as she grows.

I do get some questions about her name.  It is unusual.  A little explanation.

My son and daughter-in-law are big fans of the English author, Terry Pratchett.  I think I mentioned this author in connection with a chest of drawers my son painted for his soon to be born daughter.  You can find that post here.  Terry Pratchett is the author of over 40 comic fantasy books that occur in  a universe called Discworld.  Discworld is a flat world carried by four elephants riding on the back of a giant turtle.  Here is a link that explains things better than I could.  It is a charming set of books and I have read a few of them.

Eskarina's name comes from a novel in that series called Equal Rites.  The back cover gives a summary.

Every world has its rules - even a flat one carried by four elephants riding on a giant turtle.  That's why a dying wizard is searching for an eighth son of an eighth son to bestow his wizardly powers upon before meeting Death in six minutes.  Unfortunately it is quickly discovered - though not quite quickly enough - that the newborn babe the wizard anoints just before bidding the Discword adieu is, in reality, a girl! What's done cannot be undone - despite old Granny Weatherwax's attempts to bring the child into the witchy fold - little Esk is now a wizard, through and through.

It is an interesting novel in today's world where equal rights for women continues to be an issue.   I think the book's play on words is fun - rites vs rights - and the fact that Eskarina is a wizard in a world where only men can be wizards is a timely topic.

So here is my little Esk about a week ago.

Pretty much everyone agrees she has her mother's mouth and her dad's nose and eyes.
But we all know how this goes.  She will change many times as she develops.
She is a cute little nugget and I am one lucky 'gran-ma.'

That's all 'till next time.