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Friday, March 29, 2019

Walking - Hello AGAIN.

Now that all the sitting and writing is done for the A-2-Z challenge, I have the luxury of writing (once again) about other day-to-day stuff.  Before those April posts launch starting on the 1st - thought I would share my initial efforts at getting a walking routine started - AGAIN!

It seems like I am always starting over to establish the walking habit.  (It could be described another way - I have developed the habit of starting walking programs.  Ha!)

I was walking somewhat regularly several years ago, but then had a major setback in 2017.   I spent a lot of time in PT trying to get my left knee well, resulting finally in a surgery repair in September 2017 - which was followed by yet again more PT until December 2017.  But as anyone can tell you who has had any kind of surgery on the knee - the knee isn't back to 'real' normal for about a year.  I noticed in fall of 2018 that I could finally kneel on that knee.  It was sort of the last test of normalcy - and I passed.

This spring I decided to take up a regular walking routine.  I began last week.

Interesting bodily discoveries.  My knee does well - it is a bit touchy at the start but 'gets over itself' within a few minutes and cooperates with no complaint.  My heart and lungs still do just fine. I find that a bit surprising.  Not much of a set back after a nearly 2 year break.  So a 30 minute walk is no problem.  I am, however, focused mostly on steps and time - and not on speed and distance - but my walk speed is pretty good.  Close to 3 miles per hour I would guess.  Woo Hoo!!!  I expect all those indicators to improve.  I am encouraged.

One problem still remains - that my current neighborhood of 2+ years isn't really walker friendly.  Sidewalks disappear, traffic is awful and visual interest is null.  So while I am still driving (at 72 you never know), I can get to wonderful walking paths and lakes and other areas of interests nearby.  I guess I will make lemonade out these lemons by taking you with me on my walks and sharing pictures of my area - new places all the time.  It will give me the incentive to get in the car for that walk (harder) rather than just stepping out of my condo for a walk (easier.)

I am using my Fitbit for tracking time and steps.  If you also use Fitbit - and want to be 'friends' on the Fitbit site - so we can check each other's progress and encourage each other - drop me an email.  I would love to have you as a virtual 'walking partner' on Fitbit.   'Friends' on Fitbit  can see each other's step counts.  Just knowing that info often inspires me to put in just a few more steps and a bit more time.

So on the Sundays in April (no A-2-Z posts on Sundays), I'll feature one of my walks.  And share some of the progress - not that anyone really cares about the stats except me - but it will give me the incentive to not embarrass myself by sitting too much and then being forced to admit it to you!

Till next time.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Fingers are tired

Just one last little update before the A-2-Z Challenge begins April 1st.

Oh my!

I have been busy typing and typing, and editing, and typing, and reviewing, and editing and typing some more.  I think I have reach the point I could recite some of these posts from memory.  I might have become a bit obsessive!  I have written all but 2 posts.  I am still struggling with the letter V, and I have my topic for W, but haven't written it yet.

I got past some really hard letters like U, X and Z!  I feel pretty cocky about that!! 😂. Okay - Z was a bit of a stretch (and so was X) - tying it in with my theme, but I think it works, and my Z is actually a cute way to end the whole event.  I won't share what I did.  You will have to check in on the last day in April to find out.

One thing I discovered ... writing on a single topic or theme, like this challenge is designed for - it does help you crystalize some of your thoughts.  Since my theme is Aging and Retirement - I thought this would be a slam dunk.  No problem.  Whip those little buggers out with no problem.

Well - I discovered differently.

Much of what I had to say was based on my experiences caring for my mom through her aging and eventual death.  I haven't thought about all of that since 2014.  It stirred up a bunch of old memories.  Many of them were good memories but there were a few sad ones as well.  My (strong) opinions about the elderly were formed during that 8 year period.  And my attitudes about certain topics will come across maybe a bit strong maybe.

So ... yes ... 
I will probably come across like an opinionated old person with an attitude!!  
Oh well.  So be it. It is who I am now.  
No escaping it!  

Just 2 more posts to 'launch' and I am done until May 1st!!  

Celebration Time!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

When Privacy Keeps you from Commenting

One of the many beneficial rewards of joining a large blog challenge - like A-to-Z Blog Challenge - is the chance to share information across a broader range of people than normal.  A-to-Z Blog Challenge emails are being received from the Challenge Coordinators - and one of them was about how to make your blog friendly for receiving comments.  They do encourage use of Pop Up Commenting and removal of the Prove You Are Not A Robot function - at least for the course of the event.

I offered up some of the problems I have been having with not being recognized consistently as  signed into Google - and how Embedded Comments and the "Robot From Hell" function blocked me from commenting.

Another participant, Jemima Pett, responded to my problem.  Apparently she uses Safari, as I do, and after a Safari Update, she started having the same problems as I described.  She discovered that the browser update was the cause - and that a Privacy setting had been changed in the browser.

Below is the link to that article - and following her recommendation - my problem with commenting has totally gone away!!!  I encourage you to read her post.

I am thinking of putting Comment Moderation back on my blog at some point - because I have already found some spam.  But until this event is over, I will keep the settings user/commenter free of frustrations.

So it really wasn't a Blogger problem at all - it was a problem in my browser.

My apologies to Blogger for all my ill will thoughts and words over the last few months.  It wasn't their problem at all.  But the courtesy of a response to my email requesting their help would have been appreciated.  I can't help but wonder is Blogger manned by any living and breathing individuals.  I am thinking - not!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

26 is a BIG number

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary Blogging Theme Reveal

Hello all

Since announcing my intention to participate in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge (start date April 1), I have been busy creating blog posts on my theme of Aging and Retirement!

I am pretty excited about this theme - it is a topic I have developed some pretty strong opinions on from my experiences as a caregiver and from my own aging.  But I am not an authority on anything - except my own opinions - so you won't find financial planning advice, or medical advice or even advice on the best places to live in Retirement.  No, sir, those topics are pretty well documented by other knowledgeable folks.

My posts will be based on "insider" experiences of being an older person.  And since my experiences are as valid as the next guy - I feel pretty comfortable sharing my perspective.

It will be one person's story.

But . Oh . My . Golly . Gosh !!!!  ... 26 posts is a big number when you are trying to crank out all of them in advance.  So far I have 13 finalize and scheduled to launch on various dates.  I kind of feel that I have been doing nothing BUT blogging since March 1 - but have nothing actually showing on the blog at present!  Ha!

There are over 200 blogs participating at this point.  The list grows.  But my goals are pretty specific with regards to finding new blogs to follow and subscribing to them.

  1. They need to use Pop Up comments.  I can't comment on blogs that use Embedded Commenting.  That is a Blogger problem that has not been addressed by Blogger yet, as far as I know.
  2. I am most interested in journal type blogs - rather than writer blogs or photography blogs and the like.  Personal preference is an expected outcome.  My goal is to develop new "blog friendships" - a mutual blog visiting relationship.  
  3. I enjoy blogs whose readership is listed below 500 followers.  Some blogs have thousands of followers - but it is impractical to expect relationship building when you have gobs and gobs of followers.  Some of the most fun blogs are those less than a year old - where the writer is still in the "honeymoon phase" with blogging and are actively engaged with the whole process. 
I am beginning to get excited about the challenge.  This will be my 3rd effort over its 10 years history.

I'll be back again before the beginning of the challenge.

See ya'!!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Birthday Girl

I can't believe we have slipped into March!!

February was special - the first birthday of my little grand daughter.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes, those round little cheeks and the hint of a smile
on that cute little face!

Is she a beautiful baby or what!

More pictures of the birthday party with family.
Yes, that is a crown on her little head - and it suites her!

The food and guarding the table is Ms. Dragon!! 

She really got into her cake - or rather the blue icing!  

This is my favorite picture of her!  You can almost see the thoughts in here face!
"Grandma I am done partying now so can I just hang out with you?"
The hat has a picture of her on the front and the words "T Cake" which stands for
Toddler Cake.  We have been calling her Baby Cakes.  She is a baby no longer!

We love this little person more than words can say!

Happy Birthday, dear Eskarina!  
We just love watching you grow.

Friday, March 1, 2019

#AtoZChallenge for 2019

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

I've gone and done it!
  I signed up on this day for the A to Z  Challenge
 - a blog posting challenge scheduled for the month of April.  


This is not my first time doing this challenge so I know what I am in for.
  I participated two times previously -
 2011 and 2012.  
It was great fun.

It is, however, an effort for me to post every single day!
Every single day without fail.

(well, technically, there are few days in the schedule where you don't post ... but still.)

The main incentive for me is not my participation
(beyond 'talking' one's ear off figuratively in your own blog for others.)
  I get a chance to visit a huge array of other blogs.

I mean HUGE

The last time I participated there were over a 1000 blogs in the event
if memory serves me right.
The event was well organized so that you could
be selective in choosing blogs to visit.
Very very important, because 1000 blogs that are posting every day is ... well ...
not practical to do if you plan to eat or sleep at any point in April.
Last time I skipped around, leaving comments everywhere but picking only a few regulars to subscribed too regularly.

It is sort of like

At signup, participants must label the kind of blog they have,
and declare a theme for their April posts if known.

I selected my blog label as Personal - Journal, Muse Type.
(That's true, right?  I 'muse' on occasion, right?).

My theme will be
The good, the bad, and the ugly,
the highs, the lows, and in-between.
No advice - I am not an authority,
Just one person's perspective who is in the throws of this stage of life.

To make the event manageable
I will use March to write my April posts
and preschedule them to publish on the correct April day.
That way I can use the month of April to sit back, relax and once again
see what the blog world has to offer.

Sign ups are open to all bloggers during the month of March.
Check out the website for
A-to-Z Challenge if you are curious!
Lots of good information and FAQs.

A-2-Z Challenge.

Wish me luck!