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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pithy and Inspiring!

I was visiting at a blog called Great Balls of Wool (shocking I know - visiting a web site that features wool - nuts - I wish I had thought of that title myself), and I made a REAL shocking discovery.

While perusing her blog list of blogs she follows, I saw my blog listed!  Not listed near the top of the list that was updated 2 hours ago.  Not near the middle of the list that was updated 2 weeks ago.  I was infamously located in the 4 week-ago section.

Balderdash!  Stupid BlogSpot is counting wrong. Then I visited Spinning First.  Her blog said the same thing?


Is that possible?
  I said nothing for four whole weeks?
  Did I black out?
  Did I have a four week out-of-body experience - and that person didn't blog?
Did I time travel?  

I quickly visited my own blog in total disbelief.   Cripes!  July 28th housed my last sterling words of wisdom - and what were those words??  "Old School Blogging" where I participated in a blog prompt event at Paula's Place - about blogging.  It was a fun event, but realllllly!  Should those be the last words on my blog?

Most definitely not!

If I were going to end it all ... it would look very different.

I would take a bow, have a big splashy ending, make a long speech (like I am doing now), thank all the "little people" (and since this is an independent effort - I guess the little people would be my imaginary friends - there, I said it!),  and wish everyone well!  Maybe blow a kiss or something!

So I am not doing any of that ... but I am blathering on about not blogging ... again!


So here are some true statements:

  • During my black out, other life, time travel (I like that possibility best), I was visiting the blogs of others.  You guys rock!
  • I will not be giving up blogging (even if you begged.)
  • I will not be blogging every day (or every week apparently.)
  • I will be happy with my episodic writing ventures - and not obsessed with blogging just for blogging sake (like I am doing now!)
  • I have pictures of stuff that was planned for the blog - so what else will I do with those images if I don't blog?  (Sorry, that was a question - not a statement.  But I digress.)

I will be back in the next day or so with something pithy and inspiring.

 (Ok, maybe just pithy, as I cannot be inspiring on command.)
(Maybe just wordy as I am not sure what pithy means.)

I will be back in the next day or so with something wordy!
There ... that sounds right!

Wordy Blogger's Note:  Be sure to visit the blogs I have linked.  Paula is on blog-break and will be back.  But her story of caring for her dying husband is at times intense, touching, gritty and real.  Check out her posting history.

Wordy Blogger's Second Note:  Now I am at the top of everyone's blog list!  Ha!

Wordy Blogger's Third Note:  Well, maybe not "everyone's" list! I am pretty sure I am not on President Obama's list ... well, mostly sure!!


Una said...

I'm glad I inspired you to blog again. I like to put my blogs in order of activity so I don't miss any new blog posts....not to make anyone feel guilty!!

Anonymous said...

President Obama blogs????? Who knew?????

Carolyn said...

I always enjoy your posts. You can call them "episodic writing ventures" but you should not worry if they are "pithy and inspiring" (or just one of those) or just "wordy". Write when you feel it... and all will be well!

Lynne said...

The Pres has a blog . . .

Anonymous said...

I have been missing you. I enjoy your posts when you post. :)

Meta said...

Time does fly. I notice the time has gone by when answering old emails. Quite embarrassing.

happyone said...

It's just nice to read your blog whenever to do blog. : )