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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do ...
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Friday, June 28, 2019

Apparently ...

Self discoveries are always interesting.

I am a person of 'routines' ... apparently.

When one routine 'hits the skids,' it avalanches into other routines and then I am doing pretty much nothing ... apparently.

And then when I notice that nothing is happening, despite a long to-do list, it leads to a lot more nothing getting done since the world didn't fall apart when I did nothing ... apparently.

Oh yes, I am still feeding myself (and my husband) but meals could not be called 'cooking.'  Soup, sandwiches, salads, pan frying, left overs ... easy stuff.  I am still knitting - three projects are in the works.  Since knitting has not dropped off my radar - I know I am healthy and emotionally fine.  The house gets marginally cleaned of dirt and clutter.  I could probably do "clutter," but my husband couldn't because he is legally blind.  He could probably do "dirt" because he is legally blind, but I couldn't because I can see.  Ha!

But things like exercise and blogging and dieting - things that require a routine to build on - those routines seemed linked together some how and when one of them falls - they all fall!  As a result, there are fewer blog posts, Hersey's Chocolate Bars with Almonds are a viable food group and walking to the lounge chair from the bedroom comprises almost all of my exercise ... apparently.


I have been reading my Kindle, listening to my Audible library and binging on Netflix and Amazon Prime TV shows.

My latest binge TV is The Sopranos.  It is pretty good.  Like The Godfather series of movies, I find myself hoping that the Soprano family (at least the wife and kids) does well and that no harm comes to them.

My latest Kindle completions are:

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller
Wolfhunter River (Stillhouse Lake Book #3) by Rachel Caine

Both books are excellent.  Check out the story summary on Amazon if you are interested.

My current Kindle read is:

Cold Waters by Debbie Herbert.  

Too soon to tell if this will be good but I have passed my "80 page" mark which means I care about something in the story enough to finish.

Then my Audible library (which was over 60 titles and now is down to about 7) is currently filling my ears with the following:

Curse of the Pharaohs by Elizabeth Peters

This is the second in a 20 book series that can be called archaeology adventure and romantic mystery with Amelia Peabody.  This is an older series of books that were hugely popular maybe 15 years or more ago and continues to have a dedicated fan base even to this day.  The stories are fun and the 'clean' romance story line adds grace and enjoyment to the story.  But the real star of the Audio versions is the narrator, Barbara Rosenblat.  She handles all the accents, genders and ages of the characters with Oscar level performances. Years ago I read or listened to this series - and I have decided to do it again (rare for me to re-read anything.). I highly recommend this series.

But the wagon train of exercise, blogging and healthy eating have been pretty much stalled.

I am here now hoping with baby steps to get back on all those wagons again!!


Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Glad you got back on the wagon with blogging. I consider mine to be exercise to keep my mind working properly. Like knitting for you, as long as I'm still blogging I know I'm okay.

I love that you are using your Kindle so much. I use mine every day but mostly to play games and read the news. The archaeology adventure sounds fun.

Susan said...

OMG! I have listened to every one of the Elizabeth Peters series (I so want to be just like Peabody)! And you are spot-on. Barbara Rosenblat makes the books. Thank you for the reminder - I feel like relistening to the whole thing, too. I am now hooked on PD James' Adam Dalgliesh series. That woman could write - and how. I have been getting in a little late every morning this week, as I can't stand to stop listening in my car and sit in the car - rapt. I do think housecleaning is over-rated.

Marie Smith said...

It doesn’t hurt to indulge the relaxed side of life every once in a while. I find getting on track again tough sometimes though.

Michelle said...

Maybe by next shearing season I will figure out some way to listen to audiobooks. This year I've listened to Oregon Public Broadcasting to help feed my mind while I'm snipping away for hours....

happyone said...

We've watched the Soprano series. Interesting for us because we grew up in the area!
It is good but so bad! :)

Hope your back on the band wagon soon. : )

Lynne said...

I must be on a similar wagon/train . . .
I do walk . . . mostly on Mondays during my hospital volunteer stent.
Then it takes the week to recover . . . sort of.
I do blog, Instagram, Facebook with no regularity. Smile . . .
My greatest success of 2019 . . . once again I am reading . . .
Clifton Chronicles, Jeffrey Archer, seven books . . . . I am on #6 .. .
Nothing else gets done . . .(thank goodness my cleaning gal for thirty years still saves the day.)
I will say . . . I am more content than ever . . . until I think of politics . . .
I can relate . . . chocolate covered peanuts are not far away.
Enjoy you Elaine . . .

Leigh said...

Sometimes it just seems like we need a change of pace. The culprit for me is no motivation. Some days are just like that. When I'm like that I confess I feel guilty about knitting and reading, I suppose because somehow they don't qualify as "doing something." Maybe that's what I need to fix.

Wendy said...

It takes a while to establish habits and it's much easier to lose the routine. Try not to let it dishearten you. I'm currently grandsitting 3 days a week so the other 2 days are pretty much wiped out just trying to keep my head above water so my routines are all out of sync too.

Bohemian said...

Establishing positive habits and routines is the bane of my existence... apparently. I find that between Caregiving and Ambivalence lies the ground where I could establish some positive habits and hope to make them routines I can stick with for more than a Minute?