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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Another Puzzle - Early Stages

Felt a little lost not having a puzzle in the works this morning. 

So I started another one.  

The next puzzle up is a little more seasonal!  

This one is called - After The Snow Has Fallen from Bits and Pieces (link), artist Joseph Holodook.  It looks like fun.

  This puzzle is only 500 pieces - like the first one I did - which was also from Bits and Pieces.  

The initial dump of pieces is like looking at a pile of building blocks for me.  The first thing I noticed was the size of the pieces are larger!  My first impression after a month of smaller pieces is - this is a puzzle for kids!  Ha! (the box says 14+ years of age.)

The photo above shows 6 pieces from two puzzles to the demonstrate the difference.
  The Macabre Mansion puzzle are the brown smaller pieces.  
The 6 blue pieces above are from the snow scene.
  Big difference.  
The snow scene has a far less detailed picture as well.  Guessing this 500 piece puzzle will be easier.

First step - sorting the pieces is done.  Next step is constructing the edge pieces.  

One of my regular visitors and readers, Michelle of Boulderneigh Blog (link), suggested trading puzzles with others who enjoy this pastime.  That idea has a lot merit - especially if you are not a “repeater” like me - someone who doesn’t typically get enjoyment out of doing the same puzzle again at some point. If there is any interest is something like that let me know.  It would be fun to organize a group interested in  sharing puzzles.  It would involved sending puzzles to others ... so trips to the post office, but a nice idea to work out.

In my shopping around on the net, I found most puzzles fall into the $10 to $25 dollar range in cost.  A reasonable expense for a month’s worth of enjoyment.  The Macabre Mansion puzzle was expensive as puzzles go - about $35 to $40.  I enjoyed doing the Mansion puzzle - even though it was pretty hard and it took about a month to do, but I don’t think I would do it again.  I purchased the Mansion puzzle off the artist's website (  Probably more expensive because of that and I might try to avoid stuff over $25 since it seems I will be doing more of this until we are virus free.   I hear that Costco sells jigsaw puzzles which might also be a good source to find puzzles at a discount.  And Amazon as many options.  And there are thrift stores an dollar stores and even some box stores like Walmart and Target that are options - if it is ever safe again to visit those places.  Oh well, I have about 8 puzzles in my collection now and that should keep me going for awhile.

I love having a puzzle in the works.  In looking through various websites for puzzles I discovered that doing jigsaw puzzles right now is HUGELY POPULAR!  Sometimes a puzzle sells out before I even discover it.  It is just one of those things that makes passing the time at home (while socially distancing) bearable.  I can attest to the fact that it does eat up time, does fill a ’need’ that I can’t find the right word for, and it is relaxing (at least during times when I am not fretting that a pieces are 'certainly missing'.)  

I’ll spare you the progress stages going forward.  It was just fun to share those observations with you.


Michelle said...

I love the art style of your current puzzle! (I don't have any interest in the 'Macabre Mansion.' 😱) I have several puzzles in our game closet. If there are others who are interested in a 'puzzle-trading group,' I'll take photos of what I have. If there are several of us, there are bound to be puzzle subjects to suit every taste!

Angela said...

I think the snow scene may have slightly larger pieces hot because it is for children, but because it's for adults who may have difficulty seeing, or manipulating "traditional" sized pieces. It's not a "childish" picture - and those shapes would be easier to pick up. I know seniors in Care Homes who have always enjoyed these puzzles. I only do them once - but have a good friend, Mary, who collects them and throughout our covid19 restrictions has lent many to me. Our public library also lends them out. Mary only does 500 piece ones, and now I prefer them too

Leigh said...

This one has a really interesting picture. I'm not surprised jigsaw puzzles have become popular! Eventually, the stuff on TV gets pretty boring, and a puzzle is wonderful to engage the mind. Michelle has a great idea to do puzzle trades!

Wendy said...

I love doing puzzles. Will look forward to seeing yours finished.

Marie Smith said...

I’ve been tempted to try a puzzle with the pieces of animal shapes etc. Wonder what those are like?

Leftycrafter said...

You can purchase puzzles from Mary Maxum too. They normally have great sales on them with many different themes. I have a closet full of puzzles I got when my puzzle buddy passed away. Most of them are car or train related but that doesn't matter to me. I just like puzzles. Once I get back to working them, I would consider trading puzzles with others.

My used book store also carries used puzzles at a greatly reduced price. Unfortunately, they normally have a piece or two missing.

Becki said...

I love a picture of a winter scene. Far more than the reality of it outside my front door. ;^) I think it sounds like a great idea to trade around puzzles. I look forward to seeing all that you put together and share here.

happyone said...

That's a nice one. 500 pieces, you'll be done in no time. We just started another one too.

Michelle said...

Well, puzzles can't go Media Mail, so there is postage to consider. Maybe we should just all support our local resale shops and 'recycle' through them?

A :-) said...

I think I might be a puzzle snob. I pretty much only do the wooden ones. :-D I do know that feeling of missing working on a puzzle! I've got one left to play with that I haven't already done before.

M.K. said...

Your new puzzle is lovely! You are so organized. I used to do more puzzles, years ago, but got away from it. I had large, fancy puzzles, 1000, or 1500 pieces. I had one huge 4000 piece puzzle my husband gave me. He kept giving me puzzles of crazy King Ludwig's castle in Germany :) I finally gave them all to a widow friend who always has a puzzle going. It is a fun passtime!