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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Commenting on the Comments

I rarely respond to comments and questions on my blog now that I use the Pop Up commenting.  I can’t reply in real time on the same post unless I choose to add a separate comment of my own to my post.  I am not sure if that method of reply would be seen since most people never look backwards on the blogs they follow.  Then I got to thinking ... why not have a “Reply Post” that follows the main post a few days later.  So here is my Reply Post.  We will see how this goes.

”Have you made a date [to see Esk] with dear Eskarina and her parents?”  YES!!  I should have mentioned that in my previous post.  In fact, the date was scheduled on my calendar the very first moment I snagged the first shot date!!  I went right to my calendar and counted out the days and marked my “Liberation Day” in bold red print. And there will be a blog post, Michelle, when it happens. “Liberation Day” is April 20 around 12:30 pm (yes I know the time as well) -  not that I am counting the minutes or anything.   However, she goes to day care during the workweek so we are holding off our reunion until the weekend when we have a “Sleep over at Grandma’s" condo all planned on April 23.  It will be joyous in the extreme.  I hope I can get through the first hour of the visit without crying.  Even in the Google Video calls with her - which do happen frequently - I can see that she has grown and matured.  During one of those video calls Esk asked me if I could show her the toys and her bed at my house through the phone ๐Ÿ˜ข.  As I "walked her” on the phone into the guest room, I was fighting tears. While it is lovely she remembered these things and wanted to see them again,  it made me so sad that the only way we could do that was through a cell phone.   And although I am looking forward to seeing her parents as well, I know they are just as eager to have some time to themselves - even if it is just to get some sleep.  ๐Ÿ˜„

And as for Aja!  She is definitely a female, Cynthia.  And I can assure you that the difference between female and male cats is like different solar systems.  The males (we have had 9 of those) are the party, party, party animals.  Pretty much happy-go-lucky!  More dog-like than cat-like.  The females (we have had 2 counting Aja) are the business end of the species.  It is nature’s way of assuring that kittens will survive.  Even in the wild, the female lions are the hunters and the male lions are the “figure heads” who wait for the meal to be brought down by their female mates. The true power is in the female.  It is probably true of most mammals.  It is just more evident in animals like cats - who are unlikely to hide their true nature.

I also learned some interesting things about orange female cats yesterday.  Orange females are relatively rare. This info came from another female orange cat owner who asked if Aja’s personality was “spicy.”  Why, funny you should ask.  Yes!  What a perfect description of her personality.  Spicy. This informal source said spicy personalities are a common trait of orange females.  So off I went to Google to do a little research.  Yes,  pretty much all sources agree - about 81% of ginger cats are male.  Ginger females carry the orange gene on both X chromosomes.  Both her parents had to be orange according to the sources I read.  But the “spicy” personality observation was not supported.  In fact, it was suggested be  the reverse.  While the strongest influence on personality tends to be early socialization, males tend to be the “spicier” of the two.  That observation does not appear to be based on any science like the color of the fur.  You can’t help but wonder, however, ... since there is only observational evidence on personality, maybe there is something to it - just not proven.  Everyone agrees, however, that orange cats are very friendly.  And Aja is.  She just doesn’t always know how to contain that joyous feeling at times.

Terra, Leigh, Marie and Lefty, thank you for your kind comments on the crochet.  I am definitely a novice in crochet.  The actual stitches aren’t hard but knowing where to begin and end rows still is sometimes a mystery.  Last year I started a crochet blanket and got about 5 inches done when I discovered the blanket was getting wider.  Obviously I had been unintentionally increasing on the edges.  I ripped it all out and decided crochet just wasn’t for me.  Then I discovered the Annie’s Club Kits - I liked the patterns and each kit came with video assistance. You could see quite clearly where the hook needed to go to begin or end.  While the cost of the total Kit is pretty high for what is acrylic yarn, the assistance and knowledge building more than make up for the cost.  And when you commented on the colors in the blanket I had to smile. I like browns and tans also, but there are no browns and tans in the blanket.  I tried so hard to capture the colors and failed miserably.  The colors are in the plum family with a pop of turquoise for contrast.  Even the professional pictures that came with the directions don’t show the colors correctly.

Finally to my walking friend, Karen, Happy One.  I think of you often and how lucky you are to have such a beautiful place to walk every single day (for 6 miles - yes, folks, she walks 6 miles every day - my hero!)  While our move to this condo was perfect in many ways, walking paths or even just sidewalks are in short supply in Elkridge.  It is not Columbia, where the developers were following the vision of James Rouse with pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. And Sandy, your idea for audio books while walking is something I used to do when I was on my own walk.  It does pass the time.  I am trying to get out later in the evening by myself when he has gone to bed.  He is an early to bed (7:00 pm) but late to sleep (10:00 pm) person - listening to his audio books for a few hours before sleeping.  With the longer days this works ok.  I get in a short walk around my condo development. (boring, but walking). But I miss wandering around randomly and spontaneously like Happy One does. 

Not sure how this worked for you guys.  I feel like I closed the loop on the last post with responses.  I probably won’t be back blogging again until I see Esk - in the flesh - on the 23rd - with a box of tissues in my hand and my other arm around her slim little body.    

Stay well all! 


happyone said...

I feel blessed to be ABLE to walk those 6 miles every day!! :)
Thanks for the mention.

As you know I just answer questions at the end of the next days blog post - works great for me. I think more people will actually read it that way. I think your comment post is a great idea too for the same reason!!

Michelle said...

Whenever I leave a comment, I check the "Email follow-up comments to me" box and so I see all comments, yours and others, made after mine. I suspect most people do that, so comment away! (But this was an excellent follow-up post. ๐Ÿ˜Š)

Marie Smith said...

So glad to know you will be with you little sweetie soon.

Becki said...

This is a great way to handle questions. Especially when using the pop-up feature for comments. I tend to check back for answers to questions I may ask in a comment, but this works well, too. It also helps us take notice of other bloggers we might not focus on otherwise. Glad you're going to feel liberated soon! That will be sweet sweet time with your dear Esk.

Anonymous said...

Loved the follow up to the Comments comments:). I too have trouble where to put the hook in Crochet. And not enough incentive at this point to go through the learning curve. But very satisfied with my 6-row single-crochet swatch. So I suppose that’s something. There were two male gingers in my past. One was super friendly and the other one was super spicy. My statistics are with you. I would LOVE to walk 6 miles a day. But where I live now would be too boring. What is NOT boring? Too nebulous to say. A little bit country, a little bit city. In other words, variety. You’ve obviously touched a few nerves here. Hope I didn’t go on too much.

Sandy said...

Interesting idea to make a comment post, never thought about that. I tend check back if I've asked a question and sometimes I get answers on my blog via comments when the person returns my visit. Glad you're finding a way to do some walking on your own, even if just around the complex. Maybe as the season progresses you'll have different flowers to see on your walk. I walk through the neighborhood, and usually do 5-7 miles in the summer, less the rest of the year and sometimes do see some interesting things, but not alot; thus the audiobooks. Glad you're continuing and enjoying your crocheting. I knit more know than crochet, as it tends to bother my arthritis less. But, enjoy both. You might check out Crafty's, a very nice community with knitting, painting, cooking, crocheting and more. You can do a membership, or buy specific classes. So glad to hear you'll soon be liberated. That's exactly how I felt as first when I got my 2nd shot. Then things spiked again so still very cautious, but at least feel comfortable being around others who've been liberated. Enjoy your special upcoming visit. Thank goodness we all had Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo etc.