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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Sanity Group" - more than just talk

Every Tuesday morning I go to my "Sanity Group!" Well, that is what I call it. Everyone else calls it The Columbia Sip and Knit: Tuesday Morning Knitting Group!

These lovely people keep me connected, grounded, focused ... they really should charge for it! :-)

Here are some FOs (Finished Objects for those poor souls who have not discovered the joys of knitting, crocheting, and weaving). Every single Tuesday, someone has finished something!!

This gorgeous sky blue tunic top is an eye-catcher for sure.

We all were impressed with the beauty of the work and the style.

Let me say something about this beautiful blanket.

The technique used in this project is called double knitting. For those who are non-knitters, this technique produces a fabric that is two sided with colors reverse on the opposite side.

While this technique doesn't sound like such a big deal, let me assure you ... IT IS!

I have been a knitter for 14 years, and I haven't been able to successfully produce a pot holder using this technique. So you can be sure that a whole blanket is way beyond my skill level.

Thankfully my self-esteme can survive this inadequacy.

I think!

This same knitter finished a beautiful sweater just recently.

She just seems to pump these project out.

Maybe now is a good time to mention that I finished a pair of socks that I started in January 2010 ... finished them just last week. Yeah, me!

Ok ...
forget I said anything.

Here is another beautiful sweater completed by different knitter. It also took her less time to make this whole sweater than it took me to make two small socks. *sigh*

What is hard to see in my picture is that this yarn has a bit of sparkle to it. Very appealing.

We don't limit ourselves to just knitting.

Here is a project called pin weaving. This technique produces a textured picture from the use of different kinds of yarns. In the picture on the left you can see each individual pin used to anchor the yarns used.

I usually try to post finished objects only, but this project was so unusual and beautiful, I wanted to share to the process.

This stunning scarf was a perfect match for clothes I was wearing that day.

I couldn't seem to separate the scarf from its creator based on that reason alone.

Go figure!

And this blanket is not only striking in its color and design ... it is massive! A very impressive piece of work, indeed.

My socks are ...

Oh forget it. My socks can't hold a candle to something this large!!!

So some of you may be wondering why my knitted socks are not part of this array of finished objects.

... let see,

well I guess ...

or maybe,


... give me just a minute,

I am sure I can come up with a believable lie ...

Ok, ok. I'll take a picture and post it soon ... promise!

After all, I am sure I hold the record for taking the longest period of time to complete the shortest project!!


  1. Socks are hard, they have those heels and toes and need four need to size them to their recipient. There are a few excuses for you, free of charge.. plus.. you do have a FEW other things to do, don't you?

  2. Finished is finished! Yea for finished socks! I know I am thrilled with my finished socks that took way too long to complete - they will wear just as well as the socks I finished in a month. Good Job and looking forward to pictures!

  3. That is an inspiring group of FOs!

    Socks at a fine gauge can take as long as something else on larger needles. Please share a photo! And just continue to knit whatever makes you happy:)

  4. I agree with Carolyn. It doesn't seem you knit to "keep up with the Joneses", but more for pleasure or relaxation. I discovered long ago there is always someone who can do it better. Work at being you and making you happy. You have a God-given talent, use it to make yourself and others happy. Yea you for finishing the socks! Someone will have warm feet this winter.

  5. Those were awesome! I tried to knit, and it cost my parents a fortune. Gave it up long ago, but now I quilt. Lovely stuff!

  6. Ur socks were great and looked perfect.the color wwas good too. Tues morns are my favorite sip n kn knit.

  7. pin weaving. wow! that looks so difficult. that last afghan is amazing! I have been slow with my knitting too..I think it's mostly during times of high stress that everything else in my life falls by the wayside (blog reading..blogging..knitting, and reading). :(


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