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Monday, November 14, 2011

Sadness, Joy and Struggle

My, how quickly the time passes.

I returned from a quick trip to Florida to attend a viewing of my uncle who died this month.

The trip was filled with sadness and joy.

The loss of this favorite uncle was hard to accept. Yes, he lived a long and wonderful life. But letting go of loved relationship that helped make you the person you are is very difficult and filled with sadness. There was joy in putting my arms around my dear aunt, giving her a hug from my mom and one from me. Her last care giving years for my uncle took a large toll on her. Her work was done. Now she needs to build a life of her own. I would imagine that task looks like an insurmountable mountain after 57 years of marriage. There was also joy in catching up with my cousins on this side of the family. They also filled many of the memories of my early growing years. Visiting with them and their families was wonderful.

I called mom everyday I was gone. I tried to keep connected during the days when she would have no visitors.

But when I saw her on Sunday she appeared somewhat down and a bit restless. Maybe the understanding of her brother-in-laws death had finally been absorbed. Maybe she is struggling with the facts of her limitations. But her desire to just "go home" seems to be growing. It is hard to make her understand that she can't just be released ... that she has to be able to do some simple things - like getting out of chair unassisted and walking with a walker unassisted.

It is like saying I want to be able to run 5 miles this afternoon ... without doing the necessary months of work necessary to achieve that goal. I wonder if she would understand that analogy.
She completed 2 weeks of rehab and her doctor said probably 4 to 6 weeks were necessary. It is going to be a very long 4 to 6 weeks, I fear.

So I am back home and back to daily visits with mom. Blogging time continues to be hard to snatch.

I'll be back but it is hard to know when.


  1. Your mom is lucky to have you standing by her. Try to find a little time for yourself each day, even just a few minutes to sort things through. I'll be thinking of you. Good thoughts and positive energy headed your way.

  2. I totally agree with Delores. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you that your mom's stay goes by quickly and she recovers nicely.

  3. I, too, agree with the others. Try to stay positive. She will get better. Take care of yourself, and spend a little time each day doing something that you enjoy.

  4. Feel good, you are doing everything you can, the rest is not up to you. Hugs all around!

  5. I'm sorry that you lost your favorite uncle.
    I agree with everyone that you have to take some extra time off for yourself. You know that your mom is in good hands now, and when she does go back to your house, you'll have lots of work ahead. Words cannot express what an exceptional daughter you are. I know that we've been out of touch for a while now, but I've seen how this is an ongoing cycle. I too, will be sending lots of good thoughts for you and your mom. Julie

  6. Hi Elaine .. just wanted to pop in and wish you well .. hope things are easing .. with thoughts Hilary

  7. sending good vibes your way. :)


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