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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Monster in my Hand

You are not going to believe this!

This little monster,
 small enough to fit in my hand,
 this time sucking creature that is now firmly rooted to my hip,
 this thing called an iPhone
... is now my best friend!

The obvious feature is the phone.  I am happy to have reliable equipment without worrying about taking a deep breath and slipping out of cell phone range - dropping the call.  Yes, even the phone function has grown on me.  I have assigned ring sounds to various people.  My kids rings are "barking dogs."

I still enjoy the audiobooks and pod casts, just like on my iPod Touch.

But then there are the other new things that I have grown to LOVE!  Like ...

The Reminder List app - I use it like a To-Do list for each day.  This little app works similar to a calendar.  I stack up my activities, I mark them off, they get moved to a completed list, undone stuff gets automatically moved to the next day.  No more writing down everything on a piece of paper and then misplacing the paper. (I can't tell you how often I did that.)

Now I have GPS - I know.  I am probably the last person on the planet to get GPS, but now it is my new toy.  I have my son's address on this screen.  I know where he lives, but I play, I play.  Someday I might go somewhere where this would be handy.

Let's not forget the apps.  My favorite app right now is PT Timer - it allows me to set the time sequence on my stretching exercises so that I don't have to count to the 60 second hold with each exercise.  It times me and tells me when to stop.  Love it.  I can watch TV or listen to a book while doing my stretches.

What is nice is that this "monster" is the only piece of equipment I need to carry.   Before I had 3 things: iPod, cell phone, camera.  Now it is all in one. I can take pictures (great pictures), check email and surf the web without needing to be in a hotspot.

I can see your expression!  "Well, of course you can do these things.  Everyone can do these things.  Why aren't you keeping up?"  *sigh*  I guess I am a slow adopter to technology.

Why do I call this phone a monster?

It is a monster because I started out not wanting it, but somewhere along the way I "drank the cool aid" and now I love it.  Not sure how that happened.

I did make one final last stand:  No texting!

You have to take a stand somewhere!!  :-)

PS - Steve Jobs - you will be missed.


  1. You are miles ahead of me... but I know what you mean. I love toys.

  2. I'm not retired yet...but I've already made phone calls to figure out how to reduce our phone bill without losing what we use on our iPhones. It's my mini-computer, portable and now as much a part of my life as my car! How did this happen to us?? ;-)

  3. An iPhone is definitely on my Wish List - especially after reading your post! I have an iPad2 and love it! Like your iPhone, it proves more useful by the day.

  4. I am excited about what I have to look forward to... I am getting an iPhone soon! My current phone is about 5 years old.


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