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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not dead

I swear ... I am among the living.

Rumors to the contrary
 are greatly exaggerated!

Yes, I have been quiet on the blog.  But life has been a busy, busy roller coaster.  Not terrible things, just time consuming, attention grabbing, and sometimes, just vegetative!

Just a sampling ...
  1. Retired but getting up at 6:00 am ... grand dog duty.
  2. Assisted living dog duties ... now I am providing that service for my elderly grand-dogs. I am such a wonderful dog-granny!
  3. Funeral planning ... not that anyone has died recently, but financially it make sense.
  4. Finishing up the crochet project from h*ll - which turned out pretty nice, but still ...
  5. Vegging quietly when the opportunity presents itself (it is amazing how much time that eats up.)
  6. Winning a few blog prizes - that I have neglected (but not forgotten) to mention on this blog (shame-faced, but promises to redeem self.)
So I guess I was just due for a blog-break and didn't know it until I looked back and discovered my own absence!

Not gone, Not dead ... just vegging.

Back soon!


  1. And by the looks of it, luxuriating in the lap of luxury. Love love love those slippers.

  2. Sometimes we all need a break. :)

  3. I was beginning to wonder how you were... Glad to know that you have been taking a well deserved break (from blogging) but not from anything else :-)

  4. We all need a beak sometime. :)

  5. YAY on the finished crochet project!!!! You certainly deserve a break after finishing that. Welcome back.

  6. Love your photo! Some times we all need a break.

  7. Enjoy the break, we can agree, there are never enough of those. Among all you do, I know the assisted living dog visits are welcomed by those who receive your visits. There's never enough time for everything, sometimes, you just have to take time. Looking forward to your rested return!

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  9. Seeing as you have left it so long with your news, I am doing likewise with my comment! Knitted Slippers????


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