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Thursday, January 2, 2014

My favorite month

Here is the post where everyone lines up on the opposite side of the fence from me!

My favorite month (and season) of the year.

Let's here it for January everyone!!!



Louder please!

Ok, for you non-believers out there, here are the facts.

January is typically a "sleeper" month for most people.  Time dig in and hibernate and recover from the November and December - traditionally two crazy busy months for most people.  January is also a low light month and that means short days, gray days ...

So unfair to January!  
January is a Great Month!

January is a new beginning, a New Year, New projects, New Goals - all shiny and, well ... New!
 It is the leader month of the new year - and who doesn't like being new and the leader.
  I do have a few new goals and new projects for 2014 - but more on that in another post.

Snow - there better dang well be snow this month!!  
Not "spitting" snow but inches of snow - even a few feet!  
Mother Nature and I have been on the outs for a few years.
  Apparently January isn't her favorite month either because she forgets to send snow. 
 Here is your reminder, Mother Nature!

The Beach - don't knock it until you have tried it - visiting the beach in January, that is.
  Think about it.
 The ocean is still there - just a beautiful as ever,
 all those pesky people are no where to be seen,
 it is not 100 degrees outside,
 and you don't have to wear a bathing suit.
Really, January at the beach is the best.

Hand knit sweaters
 - you finally can wear all those sweaters that you knitted.
  And those hand knit wool socks are worth their weight in gold.

Time feels like more.
After 2 months of no time in the day,
 January feels like a big gaily wrapped box of extra time.

No deadlines.
No deadlines.
No deadlines.
  I am becoming a big fan of no deadlines.  
And January never seems to have deadlines.

Now, don't you feel better about January?

OK, let's try this once again.

Let's hear it for January!  A big rousing cheer!



Some of you need to re-read this post!

Happy New Year - everyone!

(And just remember it is brought to you by January.)


  1. I like the 'new beginnings' part of can have ALL my snow..every bit of it.

  2. snow arriving on schedule here in the Ohio Valley, and a forecast for 2 below zero Monday night.

    More snow, wool socks, many books, few gatherings, appointments. I vote for January.
    Beach time, you are right on, no hot sweaty Michigan beach time for me.
    Off I go . . . NOW!
    Great post . . .

  4. This made me smile, if not a convert. ;-)

  5. I didn't realize I liked snow so much until we moved here. : ) Snow is different here. People don't panic and just live like normal. Schools even stay open.
    You have listed many good reasons to like January.
    So yes, I like January too. : )

  6. We got a seven inch snow here the day before Christmas and most of it is still on the ground since the temps are ranging around the 0 area. I like January too! New beginnings. I have my goals for the year posted and how I am going to break them down to accomplish something each month. I want to thank you for all your support and friendship in this care-giving crap I have going on Happy New Year!!

  7. Happy New Year!! I never mind January one bit and don't mind snow long as I don't have to shovel!

  8. Love your view point of January, it made me feel a little better about it. I plan on hitting the beach at least once each month this year.

  9. Very interesting that a lot of the comments are pro-January! I for one am truly on the other side of the fence. While snow can be pretty while it still clings to tree branches... the wind will blow all that off in no time. And snow can be pretty against sunny blue skies... but that kind of sky is rare and fleeting this time of year. Remember how early it gets dark? Snow is inconvenient and messy and... I do hate the cold and the dark. Now, I might like the beach... that is something to think about. Happy New Year, Elaine!

  10. So excited to hear you got a Jenkins spindle! I do hope you love it as much as I love mine; they are such fine tools to handle, look at and use.

  11. I don't mind January at all. I'm in FL, though, so it's 60 degrees, which is great! I love the sweaters and Starbucks winter coffee flavors....yum. We have 9 months of heat down here, so I very much enjoy Nov. - Feb!

  12. Are you kidding RK? Freezing cold feet, iced-up windscreens, coughs and sneezes, 25 layers of clothes, central heating (or in my case fires) going 24/24; Yes, my favourite too (cough cough).


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