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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Frosty February

So here we are all in February.  Another wintery - and probably snowy - month.

Goals are the focus for me this month.

I am going to announce them here - so I have some way of checking back and comparing my results at the end of the month.

Here we go:
  • Finish one of my jumbo knitting projects. I have three on the needles, but right now it looks like the finish-it project will be my daughter's shawl.  (a hard one) 
  • Beat my January step average in February. (an easy one)
  • Complete my exercise routine 4 times a week average. (should be do-able)
  • Clean out my bedroom and upstairs hall closets. (Only God knows what is in them.)
  • Blog at least one more time before the end of the month. (should be easy but ... famous last words)
That should do it for goals.  

February is a pretty significant month for two other reasons.  

The Winter Olympics start on February 8.  Yeah!!  I am a huge fan of the Olympics - especially the Winter Olympics.  And I am really excited about the venue - Russia.   I'll be spending a lot of knitting time watching the athletes of the world compete.  I hope the US does well, but really, it is all about excellence - human excellence - and I am totally human, so I am ready to cheer them all.   Just hoping we can have a safe event.

This month mom turns 88 years old on February 6.  It always stuns me when I think over the last 10 years.  I started worrying about how she was doing when she was 78.  She took 2 years to make any decisions about living arrangements.  At 80 she moved in with me.  When she was 2 months shy of 86 she moved into Assisted Living.  Now at 88 years old we have been on this rocky journey together for 10 years.  Ten whole years.  That is a big chunk of both our lives.  Mom has changed greatly during these years and surprisingly so have I.  Neither one of us has changed for the best I fear.  But I celebrate her upcoming birthday.  I wish it was a more active and healthy time for her, but long life is still a gift - no matter how it looks.

That is my February.

We are in the grips of Winter.  Even though I love love love winter, I am beginning to appreciate the values of spring a little better!  :-)  (Wow, I never thought I would say those words!)

So what does your February look like?


  1. Hopefully my February will be relaxed. I have booked some annual leave from my weekend job and will divide the time between going to the gym (a new hobby for me), watching the winter Olympics (I prefer these to the summer Olympics), knitting a vest top (slow because Hubby bought me 4 ply yarn), and crocheting a big granny square blanket (quicker because I will use double knit yarn, but slow because I have never done this before). Happy February.

  2. My February has some "have to" in it . . . and a few "want to."
    I have a baby sweater and hat to finish . . .
    I plan a walk somewhere each day, inside, outside, just keep moving instead of sitting is my goal.
    Continue with eliminating "the whites" as much as possible from my diet.
    I am an Olympic follower. Enjoy Winter and Summer, although I am a bit partial to winter.
    I too hope all will be safe.
    This WINTER fan would be happy with a bit less WINTER!

  3. Sounds like you are planning on a productive February. What does my February look like? Snowy.

  4. My February will be much like the months before it – homeschooling, chores, riding, knitting (with the addition of a "Romilympics" project goal); minimal yard work, cool temps with some rain here and there (hopefully that picks up; we are way behind average), fires in the woodstove, keeping up with exercise….

  5. I'm looking forward to the Olympics too.
    You've been through a lot with your mom. An early Happy Birthday wish to her. : )
    February - probably more snow.

  6. I'm looking forward to the Olympics too. February brings more daylight hours, yeah. My February plans more organizing of my craft room aka the second bedroom. I hope to knit another hat, stitch lots and try some new recipes from scratch. All this time in the ten years, you've give your Mom the best gift...time.

  7. We will be watching the Olympics too! I just hope all of the US athletes are safe as well as all the other countries. I am not sure why they awarded the Olympics to Russia if it isn't a safe place to be. Or is it just more media hoopla?


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