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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Through My Caregiver Eyes - a quick update

It is amazing to me that mom has been relatively stable with no serious issues for over 2 years.  It shows what good professional monitoring can do in an excellent retirement community.  True, it isn't home, but at home mom was hospitalized 4 times in one year with many rehabilitations ... all ending in admission to Assisted Living ... so they must be doing something right that I wasn't doing!

The last few weeks, however, have been worrisome.  She developed a rash on her left leg that increased in size and intensity very very quickly - despite several medical interventions.  When I say it is intense, the center portion is like an open wound.  And the whole rash is extremely painful.  Last week another similar rash started to develop on her right leg.  By mid-week, there was a place on her back that appeared to be cooking up the same rash.

I started making noises with the medical staff about what I thought she needed a week ago - before the spread to her back.  This community stellar in many respects, but ... they are a bit slow to family observations and recommendations.  I understand that they deal with many families who think they know what is best.  No matter.  This lady is the only mother I will ever have ... and I have been proven correct with regards to her medical care many times.

I think, however, we are finally on the same page.

Yesterday my sister and I took mom off site to a dermatologist for a tissue biopsy - in an effort to clearly identify the problem and make sure the treatment is correct.  It was an exhausting and painful visit for her.  It was exhausting and painful for me too.

Now we wait! Unfortunately results aren't instant and cultures take time.  But at least I feel we are taking the right steps.

AND, thankfully I feel confident in the Dermatologist we visited.  I know she must report back to the medical staff at mom's Assisted Living, but when I asked if she would call me back directly with results as well, she quickly responded, "I will be calling you first to discuss treatment."

This doc is a "keeper."


  1. Your mother's long life has proven she's a fighter. She'll fight off this infection (or whatever it is) too. Worrying is part of life, you can't avoid it. I know with the right treatment (and it looks like you found the right doctor), your Mom will be back to her healthy self in no time. I look forward to hearing more on her treatment and progress.

  2. Good for you in pressing forward with treatment for your mom, and that doctor does sound like a keeper.

  3. Good for you standing up for your and your moms rights. Health care is a battle at the best of times.

  4. Oh sure hope that this rash clears up quickly. Sounds very painful. Good for you for getting it taken care of. The doctor sounds like a good one!! I have just said a prayer for your mom and you too.

  5. Happy you were right "on it!" Doctor dermatologist too . . .
    Difficult and sad days to watch and care for our parents . . .
    You are a wonderful, caring daughter . . .

  6. In the facility where I worked, the patients who got the BEST care, were the ones who had families with the loudest voice. It is too bad that is the way things work, but keeping speaking up. And keep speaking until they hear you. There are a lot of good nurses out there too!

  7. She is lucky to have you as her daughter and advocate.....

  8. I hope that your mama is going to be okay and that you've found out what was wrong by now.

    I am a new follower and found your site via another blog that is participating in the A to Z April Challenge.

    Have a blessed evening!


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