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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Comments Moderation

Just stopping in to let you know I have enabled "Comments Moderation" on this blog.  Unfortunately I have starting getting spam in the last month.  So I have decided to place a filter on comments - shouldn't be a hinderance to you - but it is an easier way for me to delete these unwanted visitors.

If the people who like to cause this mischief focused their energies into something positive, maybe the world would be a better place!

And a short note to regular readers:  mom is doing better.  It is unknown if she will "graduate" from the nursing home, but for now she has recovered much of her own personality.

A better update will follow.


  1. What excellent news about your Mom.

  2. Now that is good great news! YAY!

  3. Prayers for you and mom. I know how hard this is. My mom is finally up and walking with her walker again...first from the wheelchair to the recliner, then out her nursing room door, then down the hall to the first painting, then the fire extinguisher and yesterday - all the way to the nurses' station. Baby steps, right?
    I have been getting spam of the spammers always calls me "DUDE!" Have a beautiful day.

  4. Yes, wonderful news about your mom, and I totally agree about how awesome the world would be if all those who spend so much time, energy and talent on spam and scams and criminal activity would just put their efforts towards GOOD!

  5. Oh so glad to hear you mom is doing better. : ) That's great news!!!

  6. Seeing her personality emerge is good news Elaine. She is getting past the emotional shocks of the hospital setting. All you can do is rejoice in each good day and just get past the ones that are not so good. But right now sounds like rejoicing! Spammers.....good grief!!

  7. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I haven't had a spam comment since I turned off my anonymous comments . Happy to hear about your mom, Elaine

  8. So happy your mom is doing better!!!

  9. I do the same thing on my blog, comment moderation, for the same reason, and also no anonymous comments which also cuts down on spam. Good to hear your mom is improving.


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