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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jacket Sweater Done!

The picture above is the bodice of my green jacket sweater I made for myself back in 2009.  It is called the Faery Ring Jacket by Mary Scott Huff and it is a free knitting pattern on Ravelry.   I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  I will say that this jacket sweater is an enormous project - the hem falls mid thigh, there is a hood, and the bodice is all cables.  It is a whole lot of knitting.  I would guess the number of stitches in this sweater are equal to knitting two sweaters.  It took me almost a year to finish my jacket.  But the finished product is lovely.  Love at first sight for me.

And apparently it was love at first sight for my cousin, who saw my jacket one visit in 2013.  She tried on my jacket and offered to pay me to make her one.  Well, I don't knit for pay and I definitely don't knit for pay for family.  That afternoon we sat down together and she picked a color for her own jacket ... this beautiful blue.

I am sorry to say it took me two years to finish her jacket, but as my other cousin (her sister) reminded me ...  "you had a lot going on these last 2 years."  Yes, I guess I did, but this spring, I decided that this jacket had to be finished.  And I finished it in July.  And here is the proof!!  

And as far as accepting payment ... I did get compensated!  Look at that beautiful smile.  

Love you very much dear cousin.  Wear that jacket in good health!!

Other knitting projects that have waited patiently behind this one are now in the works.


  1. What beautiful jackets!!! Good job!

  2. Wow...that is one massive project. You are a knitter extraordinaire.

  3. Well done! A beautiful finish...your cousin's smile says it all.

  4. I've never tackled anything CLOSE to that size and complexity – and you've done TWO!

  5. WOW that is beautiful. Yes, that smile says it all. You are a fabulous knitter.

  6. Oh those are gorgeous sweaters! They look warm and stylish. Love the colors of both, too. Your cousin is a blessed gal.

  7. I know she is looking forward to wearing it this fall - you are a wonderful cousin and great knitter!

  8. Amazing! And I love that shade of blue!


  9. How sweet of you to keep at it and finish the sweater, she looks very happy and I would think that grin would be payment enough for just about anyone.

  10. Beautiful! May I be a "cousin" too!


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