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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Past

It is the season for good will and cheer for all.  

Being Christian, I celebrate Christmas.  Of course, in recent years it seems like the word Christmas has been replaced by the word Holiday.  Merry Christmas is now Happy Holidays ... to be more inclusive of all the celebrations that occur during this season.  Sad.  I wish political correctness hadn't evolved to such a meaningless point.

Back in the mid 1990s I was the supervisor of a large medical department.  We always celebrated with gusto.  There was no focus on the religious elements of Christmas, just the Santa theme.

Santa would arrive bringing good cheer for the employees, we had a pot luck lunch in the department.  The supervisory staff (there were 4 of us) dressed as Santa's elves for the whole day.  I remember that time with great fondness.  Nothing speaks of Christmas as much as bringing smiles to the faces of the employees and patients.

Recently one of my former employees found a picture from that time that she shared with me.  In the spirit of good cheer, I share it with you.

Hope your holidays (whatever they are) are filled with joy, smiles and good will towards all.  And remember, the best thing you can do this season is to pass all that cheer on to others.  There seems to be a deficit of good cheer in our world today.

Don't forget!  Pass it on.


  1. I am right there with you with all this political correctness crap. I say Merry Christmas. I will not take Christ from Christmas as he is the reason we celebrate. Merry Christmas my friend!!

  2. Hello, Elaine! :) Oh, very nice costume, you look so pretty in it!

    Yes, we shall spread the joy as much as we can,world needs it a lot!!!

    Happy holidays!!

  3. Merry Christmas! Christmas can be totally secular (and mostly IS!) for those who don't believe in Christ, so why should the word offend? Too many are walking around with a chip on their shoulders, just daring someone to knock it off.

  4. What a cute elf you make. : )
    I like to say Happy Christmas.
    A very Happy Christmas to you and all your family!!

  5. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings....did I miss any? Peace and Joy my dear, Peace and Joy.

  6. Cute photo, Elaine!

    I am not a young person (late 50's). I remember occasionally hearing "Happy Holidays" and even a more banal "Season's Greetings" as far back as childhood. I have always thought that those greeting were meant to say to me (a Christian) both "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" in a single phrase.

    I, for one, do NOT associate "Happy Holidays" with political correctness and I never will. (I hope that might help even one person let go of that political correctness concept.)

    Happy Holidays! (with love and good cheer)
    I will pass it on... and on... and on...

  7. You were an adorable elf. Merry Christmas!!


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