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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Authenticity Shawl - Blocking

The knitting for the Authenticity Shawl is done and the blocking is underway.

As I mentioned in a previous knitting update, the progress of some lace projects are hard to assess until they are stretched out and blocked.  Until that step step is taken, the project looks pretty much like a knitted mess as it sits in your lap.  This lace shawl was knitted mostly on faith.   I had to trust that this pattern was coming out correctly and that the size would be big enough.  I am not a big fan of that kind of knitting - surprises at the end are not always good surprises.

But now that this shawl is stretched out on the blocking board, I can see the pattern well.  I can confirm that there are no hidden errors.  It all turned out as pictured in the printed pattern.  Thank God!

This shawl is for my daughter.  Although it is not a birthday present, I will save it till her birthday later this month.  It is a 'big' birthday.  The big ones can be hard.  Best to offer some distractions.


  1. Oh my goodness, the shawl is beautiful! I'm sure your daughter will love it!

  2. Wow! That is an intricate pattern. Well done for not making any mistakes.

  3. You did a wonderful job. It is beautiful.

  4. I can picture it on her, beautiful shawl for a beautiful daughter!

  5. The shawl is absolutely beautiful! What a great gift that will be.

  6. Beautiful job on the shawl! It is a perfect gift. Happy Birthday to your daughter!


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