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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Day After Settlement

We signed on the dotted line (a gazillion times!) on settlement day.  The rest of time I was bonded to my couch and blanket.  Around 6:30 pm - I went to bed.  After weeks of pushing the limits of my endurance, it felt decadent to go to bed so early.  The bed felt wonderful and sleep came rapidly.

But by 3:00 am I was up again ... this time hungry ... and ate a toasted bagel with lots of butter and salt.  It was divine!  Then back to bed again and more sleep.  I was certainly on the mend if I could eat a whole bagel.

The next day - the day after settlement - friends and family arrived to help move the mountain of stuff that was not assigned to the movers.  As each person arrived, they graciously inquired about my health, hoped I felt better, commented on my peaked appearance, etc. etc. etc.  Everyone made appropriate polite suggestions - keep drinking, eat as you can, take frequent rests, we will help.

Then my sister and her husband arrived - last - coming from the furthest away.  She walked directly into the kitchen where I sat, started out with the normal inquiry ... "how are you feeling," and then without taking another breath said ... "You look like hell!!!"  Hahaha!  It was good to laugh.  Only a sister can call it like she sees it, and get away with it!  My son quickly responded, "She looks much better. You should have seen her yesterday.  She looked like the crypt keeper's daughter!  Gray and all."  Another laugh. I was thankful I looked that good yesterday.  On settlement day I felt like the crypt keeper's grandmother!

Truly I felt better that morning.  Salted and buttered bagels are miracle carbs.  But I still needed to sit frequently.

The mountain of stuff disappeared quickly into waiting cars and trucks.  Off we went to see what all our signatures bought!  With so many hands helping the job went quickly leaving time to visit to visit at the condo.  But in the back of my mind I was really dreading the next day.  Movers would come and we would truly be moved out of our home and living in someone else's home -

Well ... technically my home but ... you know what I mean.

More later.

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