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Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Craft Plans

While I make a point of avoiding New Year's Resolutions, I do feel that creating a list of to-dos is helpful in planning yearly crafting activities.  There are so many things I would like to do and try.  If I don't make a list ... it doesn't get done.

Actually that is simple truth for me - no list, no focus.  List making is something I do without thought - just like breathing.  Do I accomplish everything I write down?  No.  But it shows what is important in the end.  Unimportant things just slip from day to day - and sometime disappear.

Over December I gave quite a bit of time to thinking about 2018 crafting: knitting, crochet, spindle spinning and, maybe this year, a needlepoint project.  Those items fleshed out they look like this:

  • Red hoodie for my grand daughter - almost complete now - for next Christmas
  • A cable sweater for my grand nephew - for next Christmas
  • A knitted toy for my grand daughter - for next Christmas
  • A summer something for my grand daughter.
  • Baby blanket for my grand daughter - because a knitter who does not create a baby blanket for her own grand daughter is in conflict with the knitting gods.
  • A sweater for myself - using some wonderful yarn I purchased for Christmas 2016 - this to-do will not slip off my list.
  • Another shawl - with beads - for my daughter-in-law.
  • Another shawl - with beads - for my daughter.
  •  Amigurumi toys - at least give it a try.  I have this book on order.  
  • Spindle spinning still calls to me.  I have several spindles and many wonderful options regarding fiber.  Creating the yarn will be the full goal - not what I plan to do with it.
  • During the 1980s I did a number of needlepoint project and enjoyed it greatly.  Now as my son and daughter-in-law prepare to welcome a daughter into their world by creating the nursery, I feel very inclined to create a needlepoint picture for her room. I am actively looking for a needlepoint canvas of a dragon or wizard to match the theme of the room.  Selecting the canvas and the yarns and working on the actual project will take some time - probably ending in a finished project some in 2019.  
So this list of things is stored here on my blog - so next year at this time I can see just how many are achieved.


Sandy said...

Happy New Year, I sorta have a mental list. I didn't get nearly the amount of knitting or crocheting done last year as I wanted. On goal is to find all the UFO and see if they're worth finishing or frogging etc. I actually started this in December to focus on things that I could finish for the charity.'s a start. Nice list

happyone said...

Wow that is quite a lot you hope to accomplish!!
It would take me years to do all that. : )
A Blessed and Happy New Year to you and all your family.

Michelle said...

I have several small gift-knits on my 2018 to-do list, and one big UFO to finish. I have tons of yarn and fiber to knit and spin, though, so my goal is to MAKE!