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Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Hello blog readers.

I think I need to alert some visitors to my blog about my personal practice of handling "Anonymous" comments.

In the near future, I will stop accepting Anonymous comments. I think I have 2 "real flesh and bone" readers who comment that way.  But because of the bad behavior of a "few" - I will be ending that option in the next month or so.  In April, while I was participating in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge, the number of Anonymous comments jumped dramatically.  I guess that level of exposure to the internet opened me up to more JUNK comments.

Since the Challenge - I checked out the Anonymous comments regularly - deleting almost all.
Unfortunately the Anonymous comments have continued to grow in number and as a result, they eat up more time to sift through.  I don't regularly review them now.  I just delete them without opening them.  Sometimes when the onslaught of Anonymous comments are fewer - I will open them - but generally I don't - they go right to Trash.  So if you are an Anonymous commenter and your comments didn't show up - sorry - it is becoming just to hard to find the real visitors from the "fake" ones.

Anonymous commenters - please find a way to set up a google account that will allow you to comment with an identity.

If you do comment and do not use Google as your platform - and your comments typically get through to my blog - because you identify yourself in some manner - please share your method with others in your comments today.  I hate to block regular readers (and sometimes commenters) by taking away the Anonymous option, but it will come to that at some point.



Misadventures of Widowhood said...

I have found that the spammers go in streaks. I might get a dozen in a week, then go for weeks without any. I have the moderation option set up for comments so the anonymous that are spam never get through, the real people ones do. We all do what we have to make our lives easier.

Retired Knitter said...

Yes, Misadventures, I use the Moderation Option also. Thank God for it! Nothing gets posted to the blog I don't want there. It is the much larger number of Moderations I need to filter do to filter out the SPAM comments that is becoming cumbersome. This wasn't such a problem before the A2Z Blog Challenge. I think large events like that make you a bigger target.

Breathing Life said...

Frustrating for you for sure. I don't seem to get many spammers which I am glad about so I don't have to moderate my comments. Hopefully this isn't famous last words.

Marie Smith said...

Being able to pre-screen comments is how I handle it.