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Friday, August 9, 2019

Picture a Prairie Dog

I seem to have fallen into another blogging slump.  
I guess my writing mojo just becomes dormant with some regularity.  
I have come to see this behavior as "learning" and "accepting" things about myself
 rather than a fault or lack of consistency!

How's that for talking my way out of something
 I characterized as a failure
in the past!

The slump is not over, but as I trek a round reading and commenting on the blogs I follow, I realize that connecting occasionally with my own blog is probably a good idea.

Like the Praire Dog that pokes his head out of his hole to take a look around ... this post is my head poking out.  Consider it a mini update and an indication that I still live!
  1. I am fine.  Not moody or depressed or over busy.  Just not blog inspired.
  2. I am still knitting like a banshie.  Christmas is coming and my gifts need to be completed.  Next year - if I am crazy enough to insist on knitting for Christmas - I am NOT going to use those fingering weight yarns no matter how alluring or temping the project appears - sport or worsted weight knits up so much faster.  Pictures of finished projects will take their place in their own blog posts at some point in the future.
  3. I made another trip up to Long Island with my sister to visit my mom's friend who is 94 years old.  She is still mentally pretty good and the trip was great fun.  She is plagued with some medical issues, but her brain still seems to be working just fine.  This trip left me pondering if I could choose only one life status in my very senior old age which would be better: mental alertness or physical well being.  A remarkably few people have both in their 90s so it stands to reason I won't be one of the "very few."  In fact, if personal family history is any kind of predictor, I won't have either one.  Could it be a kindness to one's self to not mentally know your are physically failing - rather than witnessing the total disintegration of your physical self - while your alert mental self watches?  Ugh! That is pretty depressing now that I think on it.  Better start pondering something else - like when does "Dancing With The Stars" return to TV.  I feel better all ready!  
  4. My grand daughter continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  A joy to all my senses!  These first two years in a child's life are just miraculous.  Looking back one year ago - the changes are amazing.  It may be time for another grand daughter post.
  5. My exercise mojo has its ups and downs as well.  My left knee (surgery 2017) gets cranky at times.  The heat here is brutal - thank you Climate Change.  And my very expensive (but old) walking shoes don't seem to be giving me the support I need anymore - resulting in sore feet if I am standing too long.  I can fix the shoes and will do so this month.  Just wish they didn't cost $150.   The weather should break positively starting next month - and if I ice my knee before and after walking, it is manageable.  I even re-joined the senior gym so I could use the treadmill (which I hate with a passion.). The facility is air conditioned, new and cheap by gym standards so my excuses are pretty few for not going.  So "struggle" is the right word to describe my efforts to stay reasonably fit.
  6. Eating wise - this is my absolutely favorite time of year.  Produce is flavorful and abundant.  Some meals I just eat vegetables.  So good.  And my very favorite is corn on the cob and tomatoes.  I think I could live on just those two things alone.  Throw in a few garbanzo or kidney beans and it would probably be pretty healthy as well.  And coffee.  Need my coffee.
So ... there you go!  All caught up on my boring life!  And just to clarify ... boring is A-OK for me.  I have lived a long enough to have had my share of "events."  I discovered that is better to figuratively live in the middle path of life rather than to soar high and sink low.

Back again when my mojo returns or a "prairie dog poke out" seems appropriate.


Angela said...

Take your time!! However I imagine me and your other readers would love to see your projects and the yarns used. We would love to see photos of your town or other towns around the South. We lived in Georgia for a semester (preparing studies to leave as a missionary to Africa over 20 years ago.) Besides that time in Georgia we don't much of the South. Sharing recipes is also fun to see what people do in their corner of the world. However I understand the time to be off. I will probably be off for awhile when daughter and fam. visits here for overseas. Sending best wishes for a relaxed and peaceful time!

Marie Smith said...

Enjoy the break from blogging. You are keeping busy and active which is important.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Boring is good. It lacks drama and drama usually comes with bad luck. I think all bloggers take breaks from time to time. Enjoy yours!

Wendy said...

We all have blogging ups and downs and at the end of the day this is your blog so what gets posted here is up to you. But good to know all is ok. Will look forward to seeing the pics of your finished knitted items when you're ready.

Leigh said...

The Prairie Dog metaphor is a good one. I have cycles with my interests as well, although I usually stick with blogging as a matter of self-discipline. I'm glad everything is okay!

Michelle said...

I agree, the middle path of life is best! (Don't tell my teenager; he craves the highs, then sinks to lows.)

happyone said...

Nice to see a post from you and to hear what you've been up to.
You would like our weather here today, right now it is just 60 degrees.

Lynne said...

Our lives sound similar . ..
And I too. . . am just fine with it.

I blog so seldom and today I did two posts . . .
wish the first one would show up first and the second one would show up after the first.
I know, that is a bit confusing, suffice it to say, read the one about Lizianthus first
and then you’ll understand about the Flower Truck . . . whew . . .

I have been on a reading marathon, why not, the screen in porch, birds tweeting, makes it perfect!

Yes indeed . . . I would love to see that little one again. My how time flies . . .

I agree, bring on Dancing With ApThe Stars . . .
Watching others dance doesn't hurt my knees at all!

I loved hearing from you . . .

Bohemian said...

Your Blogging Mojo seems just Fine to me, it was a delightful Post!

M.K. said...

Hello, Retired Knitter! It is fun to find your blog! I've been wanting to call you something besides "RK" for a while now, haha :) Is your name Elaine (looking at your email addy on your blog)?
Yes, yes - inconsistency and slacking off are perfectly normal as we age past "middle age," I agree. It's a wonder we do anything at all, with any regularity, isn't it? We spent so many decades doing everything every day for everybody in the family, and now at last we can STOP and do things when we like. That's my plan! I'll blog when I wanna!

I never use those itty bitty skinny yarns. Too discouraging and slow. They are very pretty, esp. those wispy, gossamer strands like spider web, but I've never yet finished a project with those. I often use the bulky yarns. They are fast!
Have a great day!

Susan said...

I am with you on the fingering weight yarn projects. Socks only! I have been working on a fingering weight silk yarn sweater for weeks. Months. What was I thinking. My own blogging mojo is flatlined at present, so I am with you there, as well.

Sandy said...

I love fresh veggies too, but had to give up corn long ago. It doesn't like me. Good shoes are expensive but so worth it. Every physical therapist has told me people wait to long to buy new. The cushioning that protects our joints only last about 6 months...and I think with the miles I've been putting in, I've really pushed it this time. I usually don't. Even if you've got good tread on the shoe bottom you should buy new. We have a really good foot store here and they take lots of time with fitting. I've been paying 125-135, can't remember which. Glad to hear you're still knitting. Totally understand about the fingering yarn.

Pearson Report said...

Ah, the joys of the pressure we put on ourselves. Your mojo is working fine. (In accordance to all good blogger mojo I've seen out here lately, including mine - which is that "blog when you can, don't when you can't" seems to be the current climate.)

I pop my head out here, seemingly a few times a year, to enjoy the busyness of the bloggers I follow. Yes, seems blogging has been relegated to the back burner for some, and for others it's an occasional wave.

No matter... I enjoyed reading your update - I'm happy you're appreciating life, knitting up a storm, and waiting for the return of Dancing with the Stars (if only to get your mind of other things.)

Enjoy the remainder of the summer, and the wonderful bounty it brings.

Cheers, Jenny

A :-) said...

Sometimes, you just need a break from the page :-)

Sandy said...

Me popping in to say hi, hope you're doing well; as I make my blog rounds.