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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Back - and the Bully!

I knew I had fallen into a blog break, 

but I didn’t realize my last post was mid-March. 

Life, of course, never takes a “break” .... just keeps marching on. There is no real reason for the break in writing - it just happens - and I go with the flow now more than I used to.

I have been taking pictures, however, as a reminder to me of possible blog topics should I ever get my butt in gear to write again. Before May slips away and it is JUNE (yikes), I thought I would slip in this post.

One of the main “eaters of time” is this little guy - my daughter’s new puppy, Tate.

Here he is running toward the camera while my daughter, in a mask, watches on.
He is a fortunate pup - gets to go to work with her occassionally. This picture was taken at her work. 

 He is a hogger of time.  A real attention “sponge.”  And such a cutie.

A cutie picture!
Note his left eye.  Exactly half blue for sure and half brown?, gray green? -
not sure of the other color.
A sponge picture.

He is growing soooo fast.  One last picture that shows his evolving adult bulldog face!

The latest picture I snagged of Tate from Facebook.
He definitely has lost that puppy face and the grown up face is
fast emerging.

And yes,
he had his mouth in the dirt in this picture.  Keeping him from eating stuff
is a full time job.
Looks like he might keep that color in his left eye - it is 
half blue and half something else.

He is finally old enough and vaccinated enough to go to doggie daycare.  As a result, I might not have him as much as I did this last spring.

I may get more blogging time in now ... I certainly have a number of topics to catch up on.

Hope all is well with you guys.  My family and I have still missed the bullet of Covid - shocking really since it seems to be cropping up around us in some of our friends.  Guess those vaccines and masks really do work.  Here’s hoping you guys are also missing this same bullet!



Marie Smith said...

That doggie face is adorable. I bet you’ll miss him now that he has daycare available.

We have missed Covid too, but I don’t expect that to continue. We got the second booster this morning. I am still masked up everywhere too.

Michelle said...

Oh, goody! Bully photos! I'm still amazed by his unusual coloring; that eye is icing on the cake.

Immediate family has also dodged the bullet, both by effort and blessing. Cousins and an aunt got it although vaccinated and boostered, but all on the mend, thankfully.

Linda said...

What an adorable face! Love the 2 color eye too. I can't believe I haven't met him yet!

Wendy said...

Cute dog. glad you've stayed well. Hubby and I have both had Covid but thanks to the vaccine for both of us it was very mild.

A :-) said...

Heterochomia. So interesting that it's exactly half of one eye! He's darling, and growing so fast!! Oh - and so glad you're back blogging :-)

Becki said...

What an interesting eye. If you hadn't mentioned it, though, and I noticed it I imagine I would have thought it a reflection. Glad you did. I've learned something. We've missed COVID, too. I expect we'll get it eventually, but I keep hoping it dwindles down to nothing much by the time we do.