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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Checking In

It has been 2 months since I published a post to my blog.  And I have been absent from reading blogs.  My apologies to my readers who visit and wonder where I am.

Gaps in my blogging have happened a number of times previously since I started writing in 2009.  I will admit this is the most uninspired I have ever been since I have started.  September and October were pretty busy with a variety of commitments.  The chances of getting a blog post published were pretty low.  So maybe that is all that is going on. Does that mean I am quitting?  No - I cannot honestly say I am done with blogging.  And I still take pictures to save and share on my blog at some point.  But I have clearly slipped into a different level of participation for the near future.

But to give you a few snippets of what has passed this way while I have been gone from my blog.


I finally managed to catch covid in September.  I was pretty bummed, as I am sooo careful but luckily I got tested early and got the “magic pills” - the antiviral medication - in time to turn the infection off rapidly.  My husband caught it from me and he also got the antiviral medication quickly as well.  I struggled with some lingering fatigue for a week or two, but that finally lifted.  I feel very fortunate that I got this pesky and dangerous virus after medical science figured out ways to minimize and manage it. 


So this conversation happened during a recent visit - while I was knitting ...

Esk:  Grandma is that for me?

Grandma:  No, Esk.  This is a shawl and little girls don’t wear shawls.

Esk: Grandma, will you make me a sweater?

Grandma: (sputtering and surprised) Sure, Esk!  I thought maybe you had out grown ... uhh ... or maybe lost interest or whatever ... uhh, .... so what color?

Esk: (and Grandma at the same time) Pink and Purple

 I set aside the two “promises” I made to myself this year: 1) finish the 5 works in progress I had sitting idle for too long and 2) avoid purchasing any new yarn because my stash is too big.  Unfortunately there is a significant lack of pink and purple in my stash, so yarn was purchased. And I launched into project number 6 - a sweater for Esk.


In an effort to jump start my general malaise, I fell back on a tried and true method of refocusing my perspective: paring down my stuff.  Downsizing always makes me feel better.  Expanding the space around me by reducing the clutter usually sparks enthusiasm for other endeavors.  So far it hasn’t sparked much of anything, but it has felt good to exercise that “enough” muscle - getting my belongings and life expectations down to “enough.” 


I am happy the weather is finally cooling down.  Of the 4 seasons, summer is my least favorite. I will miss that fresh produce that comes with late summer - but that is pretty much it.  Heat and humidity are not my friends.  Love that January time after the hubbub of Christmas has passed and the really cold weather sets in and a chance of a winter snow storm increases.

That’s all for now guys.  I can’t promise when I will be back again.  But I will try to keep in touch with bloggers whose commenting function allow me to leave a comment.  


Marie Smith said...

Good to read you again! The colours for the sweater will be gorgeous!

Michelle said...

It was an update worth waiting for! So glad your COVID infections were quickly routed. I'm headed in to get my second booster next week; would have gotten it this week but I had several things on my plate that I didn't want to be too tired or sore to handle.

Angela said...

Pink and purple are great together. And you will now have those shades in your stash, because there's always a little left.

Cynthia said...

Ugh, Covid! I’m glad to know you are both feeling better now, and I hope you will update with photos that Pink and Purple sweater as it comes along! Esk is a lucky little girl and you are a lucky grandma. My grandsons wanted nothing to do with handmade sweaters after they were babies!

happyone said...

I love purple and pink together. I'm sure the sweater will be beautiful.
Nice to read a post from you. :)

Leigh said...

A sweater for Esk is definitely worth putting everything else aside for! Good color choice too.

I'm sorry to hear you all were sick, but very glad you're on the mend.

A :-) said...

Ugh. COVID. I'm sorry you and your man both had it, but glad you are better now. I think that blogging breaks are really normal - and necessary now and then. Sometimes we have more to say, and sometimes less, but I'm always happy to catch up when you write :-) Totally agree that a good session of divestiture can be really motivating in other areas. I think this will be our last warm weekend here - and I'm putting it to good use getting three pieces of furniture sanded, primed, and painted. Wish me luck! I'm sure the sweater for Esk will be lovely :-)

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Looking forward to seeing Esk's sweater!

Becki said...

Glad you knocked COVID down relatively quickly. Somehow we've escaped it up to this point, but I am so glad it's not nearly the worry it was even a year ago. Chuckled at your conversation with Esk. Can't wait to see her new sweater! :)

M.K. said...

Good to see you back! I also am in a deep lull in blogging, mostly because I'm on Youtube more. But still -- I need to write a post!
Good for you, making that sweater. That will be special.
I agree about the weather. I get so weary of heat that I get depressed. I ADORE this season -- the falling leaves -- but I really prefer the absolute stillness after Christmas is over. The peace and quiet.

Sandy said...

September is the month I also got Covid. Had both shots, and 2 boosters. Hubby got it first, than I got it. Problem is he was of course contagious before he got symptoms so even though I stayed away from him as much as possible...once we knew he was positive, the damage was done. And, we were in a hotel room in France. We didn't sleep together, and wore masks inside the room and kept the window open as much as possible. The day we arrived he tested postive, me 2 days later. We arrived a day early in order to have a day of adjustment before meeting up with our tour group and guide. Needless to say, we did not get to meet up with our group nor go on the tour. So after 5 days in isolation we scrambled for a flight home. Now we're working with the travel insurance people to try and get our money back for all the things we didn't get to do. Since we were in France, we couldn't get the magic pills, glad you were able to. I understand it really makes a big difference on how long your sick. I've been trying to finish some WIP also. It's never ending. I love summer and am always bummed as the weather starts to get cold. Hope to hear from you soon and that you get your mojo back.

Cat said...

Pink and purple. That combination reminds me of the "Lisa Frank" items. Looking forward to seeing your sweater done up. I have been trying to clear out things, too, but in my case, it needs to leave the house!

You take your time blogging, or not, it's nice to see, though!

Take care,

Sandy said...

Waving hi as I make my blog rounds. Hope all is well with you.

netablogs said...

Knitting for grandchildren is the best kind! It's pretty special when they ask for a specific item. I'm sure the pink and purple sweater will be beautiful!
I totally understand the blogging hiatus. I'm quite a haphazard blogger lately. Sometimes I have so much to say, but don't want to say it on the blog, and other times I just don't want to blog. It's been more like that this past year. I still like to check up on others' blogs every once in a while! Enjoyed your post. Hope you feel better soon!

Sandy said...

Visiting one last time and hope things are ok for you. Sing out if you get back to blogging. I'll re-add you to my blog list.