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Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Wood Puzzle

I wanted to try a wood puzzle so I put a request on my public Amazon Wish List for a wood puzzle.  I didn’t want any just wood puzzle.  I wanted pictures of my 3 original grand dogs who are all gone.  

My daughter must have seen it and made it happen.  Here’s a better shot of the front.  The 3 dogs are (clockwise from the biggest picture)

  • Grimace, the Pug, 
  • Grimace and Milo, the French Bulldog
  • Meathead, the English Bulldog
  • and Grimace, Meathead, and Milo.

And I love those 3 dogs still!  Miss them every single day.

But the real interesting part that others might be interested in is the back of the puzzle.  It really is an interesting and fun puzzle. Check out all the interesting shapes!!  This is not just any wooden puzzle.

I have glued this puzzle together and I plan to frame and display it at some point.  It 
is just a shame to hide either side of this puzzle in the back of a frame.
Any ideas??

Just a fun little post that I had to share.


Leftycrafter said...

You're right. The back is as interesting as the front. Is it possible to have a frame with glass on both sides? It will be interesting 3see what you come up with.

Becki said...

That is awesome! I think you should definitely keep it so both sides are visible.

Does anyone make a base in which one of these can stand? Is it thick enough to stand? If not, maybe you could make a backing that you can just lay the puzzle onto, and set the whole thing up in an easel, which would allow you to change what size you display.

Or what about a frame that has a clear front and back - a floating frame? Yes, that's it. Check out the width of the groove in a floating frame. Maybe it can fit where the glass normally does (and just don't use the glass).

And then, again, maybe Hobby Lobby or Michaels will know exactly how to display such a thing. It's very cool.

happyone said...

Wow amazing back of the puzzle! I'm impressed.
Have never seen anything like that before.
You could buy another puzzle to do and color the back of it.

Marie Smith said...

It is a fascinating puzzle and meaningful too.

Leigh said...

That is so neat! I have no idea which side to display. Maybe put glass on both sides so you can flip it from time to time.

CathieJ said...

I love that puzzle. What a great idea! I am sure a good framer can give you something double sided. I have seen it with documents.

Helen said...

I'm sure a framer can make this '2-sided' for you. I have a stained glass cat piece that I got framed (okay it was glass to start, but I still needed it to be seen from both sides) and put a chain hanger on it so I could hang it in front of a window. I think plexiglass would be a lighter weight solution, but try a frame shop (Michaels) and see what they can do for you. :)

Sandy said...

Wow, the back is really interesting. I like Helen's idea above of a 2 sides frame thing to keep your puzzle and be able to see both sides. How nice of your daughter to make that happen for you.

Cynthia said...

That’s really neat! I remember when my kids were little they had some fun puzzles with pieces like that.

M.K. said...

That's amazing! LOVE the back, and what a wonderful gift :) I'm assuming since it's wooden that you could shellac it well, several coats. You could display it on a table top with a glass on top, which would allow you to reverse it easily. I wonder -- if it were shellacked well enough, could you suspend it somehow (without a frame perhaps) in a window, where you could see one side of it from the inside, and the other side if you were standing outside the window?

A :-) said...

Blogger didn't notify me of your new posts. Ugh. Wooden puzzles are my favorites!! I don't glue them together. I save them and then work them again a year or two later. That's the great thing about wooden puzzles - they last forever and I enjoy doing them - even ones that I've done multiple times before.

Sandy said...

Waving hi as I make my blog rounds. Hope all is well with you.