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Monday, August 14, 2023

Ann and Jane - Their YouTube Videos, Cookbooks, and their infectious zest for life and food!!

Once I knew my eating life was going to change and center mostly around a plant based diet, 

  • ... and once I found a way to control my disappointment that this would be forever, 
  • ... and once I recognized that my body had already been evolving in that direction anyway, 
  • ... and once I accepted the time involved to develop a library of meals that were good,
  • ... and once I adopted the idea that I would need to do more cooking (!!yikes!!), 

Yeah ... once I got passed a few little bumps in the road - I decided to change up my approach.  After all, what we enjoy in life is frequently influenced attitude ... and I had to 'go find me' a different attitude!! 

I started with YouTube videos because they were cheap (free) and I could skim through various feeds quickly (‘cause not everyone out there is good at this, you know.)   I don’t know how many videos I started then skipped before I came to an almost hour long video called:

In the picture on the right - the two ladies in the Yoga pose - Ann, the mother, is on the right.
At the time the book was published, she was 88!  

Esselstyn Foundation and family life experiences behind this very like-able pair.  Ann is the wife of Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn, the author of a book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  Ann then wrote the recipe companion book called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook.   In addition, their whole family, (adult children, adult children’s spouses, and grandchildren) are all plant based.  Ann and Jane have over 140 videos on YouTube demonstrating various food prep strategies, and they are the authors of the book Be A Plant-Based Woman Warrior which I ordered.  It is an amazing book.  Extremely well done and very inviting.  
  • Eat nothing with a face: Well ... if you are plant based, that is an expectation, but in social situations I'll be flexible just to be polite.  That shouldn’t happen often.  This is about diet choices, not cult obedience! One animal protein meal now and then won’t undo months of plant based eating.
  • No eggs, no dairy: Hmm ....  I eat eggs or egg whites every morning.  If I start my day with anything else, I am hungry at 10:30 am.  I'll listen to my body for now and keep to my routine.  And no fat plain greek yogurt is a healthy choice in almost every other diet. It will remain in my diet occasionally. 
  • No oil:  I can drastically reduce my oil intake, but minimal olive oil will stay.
Other plant based guidelines strongly recommended by Dr. Esselstyn and company that I can get behind are:  avoid salt (buy salt free products) and minimize sugar, eat greens 6 times a day - as much as possible, eat more oats - as much as possible, eat lots of beans and lentils, eat whole grains, limit coconut, nuts and avocados (eliminate those 3 entirely if you have heart disease,) eat a tablespoon of chia seeds and/or flax seed meal each day, drink lots of water, read the ingredients of any item you purchase.  

Got it!

I suspect their ideas are very similar to that of others who espouse plant based eating.  But what the mother and daughter team brought to me was their total joy and fun and enthusiasm for cooking and eating a plant based diet ... all of it presented in a way that says ... “Yup!! - you can do this -  follow us.”

I am following.


Marie Smith said...

Good luck with it. You sound like you are well on your way already!

Michelle said...

Glad you have found a great source for inspiration! The only point I take exception with is eliminating nuts and avocados. You do have to watch the quantity, but there are many highly qualified sources that point out the cardiac benefits of 1-2 tablespoons of raw walnuts daily, for instance. If you totally eliminate extracted oils, then limited avocados and nuts are a heart-healthy source of fat-soluble nutrients. Coconut, however, is not heart-healthy (no matter that it's a current trend) because it is a saturated fat.

Wendy said...

Oh well done you! It's hard to make changes - especially if you have a "meat and two veg" hubby but it sounds like you are doing great. I've had to make diet changes over the past couple of months but fortunately for me my Hubby is on board - well mostly - he does love salt! Thanks for opting for Lennie and keep up the good work.

A :-) said...

Would love to know what way you found, as this is something I struggle with myself.

I'm so very glad you are doing well :-)

Leigh said...

It always seems to boil down to diet, doesn't it? And diet all boils down to habit. It sounds like you've got some excellent resources and the enthusiasm and commitment needed to make the change.

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Good luck with it all!

Becki said...

Thanks for sharing this, Elaine. I am now intrigued enough to look up these people and watch some of their videos. When I start cooking seriously again, I definitely need to work more plant-based meals into our diet. I look forward to your sharing more.