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Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 Years - Then and Now

Have you ever looked back to the person you were 10 years ago and pondered,

"Wow, who the heck was that person?"  
  • I was 56 and didn't like it. Aging was a negative thing. 
  • My retirement was planned to be travel, crafts, friendships, and fun.
  • I was more interested in pleasing everyone - keeping the peace, putting other's needs first, submerging my opinions and ideas to those offered by others.
  • I was a "yes" person - without regard to the impact it would have on me and the quality of my life.  
  • I was a working full time professional with respect, higher income and responsibility ... at the cost of my personal time and my family's needs.  
  • I was not a caregiver. My inner voice believed that mom would age gracefully and remain independent keeping both her mental and physical status in tack.
  • I loved my townhouse even then and didn't desire a bigger and bigger home.
  • My body and mind were sound - I assumed only the best in the future.
  • "Today" was only a path to the "future:"  things to buy, future vacations to take, to-do lists to manage.  I never seemed to think "in the present!
 10 years has changed my perspective:
  • 66 is pretty darn young!  I like 66 a whole lot!!!  It is as young as I am ever going to be. Aging is my reward for not dying!
  • My retirement is filled with friends and some pretty good stuff  - but travel isn't one of them.  In fact, even day trips are problematical due to disabilities.
  • "Doing more" is highly overrated!  Less is better.  I enjoy the present more when less is on my plate.
  • My working life is history. My personal life is my focus. Thankfully not too much damage was done by my obsession with work in the past.
  • With the exception of my mom, I am less interested in pleasing anyone.  Sounds stunningly selfish, I know, but healthier for me. No one looks out for me, better than me.  
  • "No" is a good word, if I am over committed, not interest and/or "just don't wanna."  
  • I am my mom's caregiver.  Her decline and loss of independence is the hardest thing I have ever watched.  
  • I still love my townhouse.  Fewer stairs and less space would be nice, but nothing is perfect.
  • My body?  In my 60s I got a more realistic view of the nature of the human body - what it can do, how long it is meant to last, and how much work it takes to keep it up.   I don't assume it will last forever and I accept the fact it will look different.
  • Today, this minute, is the most important time! It is all I can count on. 
What a difference 10 years can make!
 I don't think any other 10 years in my life have taught me so much.
I can hardly wait to see what my perspective is in 10 more years.

I am glad the person of 10 years ago is gone. 
 Whatever was she thinking?
Maybe she was thinking this ...


  1. Nice thoughts... My husband is turning 30 next month..and he is already worried. haha
    I like your perspective now. wishing you to have a great day and a second half of the week :)

  2. I like the person I am now much better than the person I was ten years ago BUT I still have a long ways to go to be the person I should be. Great post this morning. Lots to think about.

  3. This is excellent . . . I think I have introspectively been doing exactly this, saying to SELF

    Who was I Then . . . and

    Who am I Now . . .

    This is encouraging me to write my own Ten years Then and Now . . . Thank You . . .

  4. This was good for me to read as well; thank-you.

    1. I must say that I have never "lived" in the future, dreaming of what I want or what might be. I guess in that sense I'm good at living in the present. But my to-do list is always too long, and I'm still working on the ability to say "No" more.

  5. Great attitude and a healthy one. : )
    I know I'm more independent now than 10 years ago and I too have learned how to say no. My feelings don't get hurt very easily anymore either and I've learned to just except certain things.
    I'm happy and content and excited about the new phase that has begun in my life.

  6. Wonderful post. Look forward to wandering around your blog. This perspective of where you are now from where you were 10 years ago is eye-opening isn't it. I take care of my elderly husband and it is hard work. But wouldn't have it any other way. I found you through Adventures in the Ball Park!

  7. What a fabulous post. I'm not much over 50 but I can so empathise with this. 10 years ago I was well. now I'm not, 10 years ago my Mom was well, now's she's not. And I love the line now 'is as young as I'm ever going to be' :)

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  9. Ha - my previous comment had too many spelling errors, which I should have checked before I posted (instead, I deleted), ugh, this laptop! Anyway...I'm so glad you've found your happy place! Due to the economy, I found mine ten years sooner, I'm also ten years younger, I'm 57. I'm glad the "powers that be" ended my "high stress, high paying" job for me. I wouldn't have left it if they had not. I'm in a much better job (lower paying, of course) working only 40 hours a week instead of 60. I have time for myself and for family. I love this happy place!

  10. When I first read your post, I did not know which way to go in my thoughts, or, in my comment. Up 10? or down 10? The thing is that my birthday is not so far away and I will be 56! I was amazed when thinking back 10 years... my (now) two (thriving) young adult children were both in middle school... so very many events and activities!... with so much to celebrate along the way!

    But where will I be 10 years from now? On re-reading your post, I was especially touched by this statement: "I don't think any other 10 years in my life have taught me so much." Now, I do know just how to comment... Thank You, Elaine!


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