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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chats on the porch

Everyday Ruralty

Although you cannot tell from where you are sitting, our chat today is not on the porch but under a big shade tree.  It is the day after Memorial Day and comfortable - not too hot, not cold.  The days will only get less comfortable as the heat builds, the humidity drips, the earth dries out, your car gets so hot you get burned getting in, you can't take off enough clothes to cool down, the bugs become annoying, the sun never seems to goes away ... (can you tell I am a "winter" person?)  LOL  

Oh where is my beautiful winter!

No matter.  It is another day visiting with friends at Everyday Ruralty.  And there are questions to be answered ...

  1. When you were a child, what age did you think was "OLD"?
  2. How often do you have dessert?
  3. What's your favorite kind of exercise?
  4. Do you watch movies on TV, movies from a rental or the library, or movies online?
  5. Tell me something you remember about your grand mother's/grand father's house? I'm thinking of something you saw all of the time, like a picture, clock, statue, teapot. or some thing that was always there.
1.  How old was "old" when I was a child?  I think considered 40 to be old.   And if my son happens to be reading this post ... it still is old, my dear boy.  Oh, and I hope you have a Happy Birthday this September.  You will be how old?  Now let me think.  I was there so I should know.  Oh, yes, I remember now ... 40!!!
That felt good. 
 Glad that was one of the questions!!

2.  How often do I have dessert?  Every darn chance I can.  I don't want to get to the end of my life thinking - oh, why did I pass up that Boston Cream Pie for boiled carrots!

3.  What is your favorite kind of exercise?  Walking.  I should be doing it more.  And second to that is knitting.  My fingers get such a work out.

4.  Do you watch movies on TV, movies from a rental or the library, or movies online?  We mostly watch movies from a rental.  No commercials, on when I want it to be on, and no trips out of the house to get them - delivered by the post office.  Sometimes we watch movies online, but it seems like the ones we want to see are most readily on disk only.

5.  Tell me something about your grandparents' house?  Gosh, I had to think about that one a bit because I only saw them at their house - maybe once a year.  I think the thing I most remember (and sometimes dream about) was my grandparents' porch.  It was a screen in porch - not all that remarkable, but when our family would come to visit (we lived in another state), my dad would sleep out on the porch.  I think they had a big rocker.

Well that is it for this Tuesday chat.  I don't always participate, because I am trying to become more of a free soul - not tied down to stuff like I always seem to do.  There are things in my life that tie me down in a big way, so on the little stuff - I like to keep my options open.  But these questions were fun this time, especially #1!!! 


  1. Those were a nice selection of questions.

  2. I am in that not tied down mode too!

    I liked the #1. Question, when I was young, what seemed old. I remember thinking, was, wow, 17 is old, I can't imagine and can't wait. So a positive twist on young thinking about old, and looking forward to it! (I liked your, "gotcha" for your son.)
    #2. Dessert, whenever, just like you.
    #3. Walking and working in the garden
    #4. We have a DVR to record programs, watch some movies from there, but seldom. Library though.
    #5. I remember my grandparents dining room, family dinners, my grandfather's white shirt and tie and suit and standing to say the prayer, cut the meat.

    Not sure if I was supposed to answer here but I enjoyed doing so.

    I am a winter gal too . . .

  3. You sound like my mom...She said they same things to me when I turned 40...The thing is 30 & 40 were no where near as bad as 26...Go figure. It was nice meeting you & chattin', hope to see you back real soon. Have a blessed week :O)

  4. lol... I put crochet for excercise! it was fun to read all your replies to the Q's!

  5. Missed you at knitting.
    When I was a little girl I told my grandmother that I wanted to die when I was 100 because no one wants you when you're old. I must have thought 100 was old!! : )

  6. Interesting post. Of those questions, I appreciated "what I remember about my grandfather's house". There's food for thought there,perhaps a couple of pages of an essay.
    And yes, I'm still writing. Something in me simply has to.
    My blog address is still, but the title has changed, as has the one from whose viewpoint the writing is done.

  7. When I was in kindergarten, oh about a million years ago, I can remember thinking that my kindergarten teacher was really old! And then when I became a nurse in my 30's I took care of her as a patient in the hospital. And then she WAS old! Funny how old seems to a kid, isn't it.

  8. When I was young I thought parents were old, no matter what their age was.
    I don't remember my grandparents house at all, they lived in Germany and we left there when I was 6 months old. but my grandchildren remember my cookie jar, although we called it a bickie barrel. I'd had it since before my youngest was born, so the grandkids grew up seeing it every time they visited, at first on a low shelf so they could reach it easily, then higher as they grew. I still have it, but it isn't so often filled with biscuits (cookies) now.

  9. Hello, Free Soul! I had a good laugh at your first three answers. I guess your son must be turning 40. :) Boston Cream Pie is definitely better than carrots, unless you are my horse. I think knitting is a valid exercise for ones fingers. I grew up with a huge screened in porch. A lot of living went on there (at least during three seasons. Have a great week!


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