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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do ...
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Monday, June 3, 2013

In 10 years ...

I recently discovered a blog called Paula's Place.  I enjoy following her posts as her current life  somewhat mirrors some of my past and current experiences.  She is a caregiver for her husband who is now in hospice.  I encourage you to visit Paula's blog and say Retire Knitter sent you!! :-)

She offers readers a chance to share thoughts about how you see yourself 10 years into the future.  Other participants can be found at the above blog link.

Myself ... in 10 years

Gosh!  At first I didn't want to do this.

I thought,

"Ten years in the future??  I don't know if that is a good idea.
  Ten years into the past I would never have imagined I was doing what I am today.
  My life looks nothing like I planned.  The future is so uncertain.
  Why set myself up for disappointment, wishing for things to be
 how your rose-colored glasses imagine when life has other plans for you?"

Then my old "goal-centered-self" shook a finger at my "curmudgeon-self" and thought,

"You silly person, sure life is uncertain,
 but you set up this blog thinking about how you wanted to live the next 20 years of your life.
 Maybe you should re-focus, maybe you should look at those goals again,
 maybe, just maybe, 
you can pick goals that you are certain you can attain - that are in your control."

So here I go ...

10 years from now ....

Stuff I have some control over.
  • I will be 76! *gulp* (But on the bright side - I plan to be alive!)
  • I will look in the mirror and see only the marks on my face of a wonderful life.  (If I can't do that, I won't look in the mirror.)
  • I will be happy. (No one controls this but me.)
  • I will be healthy. (I am the main contributor to this.)
  • I will be active. (I will be active, I will be active, I will be active, I will be active ...)
  • I will be financially independent. (Fingers crossed)
  • I will look at my blessings, not my limitations. (hmmm .... tattooed on my forehead.)
  • I will still be knitting, weaving, reading, and enjoying friends and family. (Otherwise I won't be breathing - and I will be at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival yearly until I am not breathing! Maybe even when I am not breathing I can get someone to take my ashes there!) 
  • I will be living in a much smaller place with less stuff.  (Amen!!!)
  • I will live in the moment - not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today! (Another tattoo)
Stuff I don't have control over.
  • I will celebrate my 54th Wedding Anniversary!  (I won't be alive by myself!!)
  • My husband will still have enough vision left to enjoy life.  (Prayers for that please.)
  • I will have my family members close by.
  • I will have healed from losses of loved ones that I know are in my future. (deep breath)
And the BIGGEST goal of all will be at 76 to look another 10 years into the future at 86 and and say, 

"Ha!  Age is just a number
  and I will celebrate each anniversary of my birth
 like I did at age 6
 with enthusiasm and zest
 ... and a big piece of buttery vanilla cake
with a big fat sugary red rose right on top!!!"


  1. An excellent future plan. All fingers and toes crossed that things turn out the way you want.

  2. I was so uplifted to read this. You aren't taking anything lightly. I am happy to have found you my friend. And thanks so much for the blog shout out!

  3. Sounds great.
    I'll probably be moving once again in 10 years!! : )

  4. A great list for " 10 years". LOL, hoping you left spinning off the list by mistake because I plan to be doing that with you too in 10 years!

  5. You've got your list, and as you say, some of it is under your control. I'm with you on the being active and a few others you have listed. Ten years will pass before we know, time passes too quickly, must keep focused!


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