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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Toilet Tale!

I have 4 of these in my house.  
Yes, 4 toilets.  
Three full baths and one half bath.  
I believe I have an embarrassing abundance of toilets. 

In my next abode, one toilet, one bathroom will be enough - well ... let me amend that statement.  After living for 3 days with just one toilet, one full bathroom and a powder room will be enough.  But I digress!

This little toilet above is sitting in my eat-in kitchen.  Didn't you always want an eat-in, poop-in kitchen??

This little toilet should be in my half bathroom on the first floor - but because we are replacing the bathroom floor, the toilet had to be removed from the plumbing and put somewhere else while the work was being done.  It now sits where all my guests can see it!

This second little toilet is sitting in my bathroom tub.  I guess that is an improvement over the kitchen because I could always do my business on it and at least it wouldn't leak out onto the floor!

The third little toilet in the second full bathroom looks just like this one.  I won't bore you with that picture.

So for anyone who is counting, we have exactly one functioning toilet and it is located in the basement (my third full bathroom is there.)

I guess this is an improvement over going outside to an outhouse to do the deed, but our bedroom is located on the top floor and our one functioning toilet is located 2 floors down.   My husband and I are both 66 and cannot be too far from the bathroom for those random visits in the middle of the night.  You old fogies out there get my drift, I am sure.

So my dear husband and I are sleeping on our pull out couch that is only one floor removed from the one functioning toilet!  Our bladders are happier about this, but our backs are less than thrilled.

All of this inconvenience is because my 28 year old tile floor was broken and ugly and it needed to go!!!  So without thinking about the ramifications of doing 3 bathrooms all at once, we scheduled the work.  The picture above shows the tile - minus the grout.  Tomorrow, they say they will finish the job.

I can't even just close the bathroom doors and pretend everything is normal ... because the bathroom doors have been removed and are propped up in my dust filled third floor.  (Did I tell you just how dusty ceramic tile instillation can be? I don't think my allergies will let me sleep up there until I do a complete cleaning.)  My back may be happier in my own bed, but my sinuses will create a major conflict of enormous proportions if I try to sleep upstairs right now.

My bladder, my back, my sinuses ... all so that I can have new bathroom floors.

I suffer so!



  1. Isn't it amazing how spoiled we get? When I was a youth, we lived for awhile at the farm where my step-dad grew up. Old farmhouse, one bathroom, five people. There were two or three old outhouses on the place, and believe me, sometimes we used them!

  2. We have three full baths at my house....well actually two full baths and a half bath. Too many toilets to clean, if you ask me!

  3. We have two bathrooms for 5 people. And it is really good!
    I know how dusty it is to put tiles, my parents did the floor in the flat 3 years ago - it was mess, dust and oh, so much to clean!
    But the result is worth, isn't it? ;)
    Have a wonderful day! wish you to get all your toilets back.

  4. I can count on you to weave a tale of info and laughter . . . with a few "toliet in bathtub" photos to boot. I am hoping you are getting back to "normal" . . . in the completed tile make over department . . . and in the toliet functioning department too!

  5. Reno's are so hard on the nerves (and the bladder and the sinuses) lol.

  6. Oh...remodeling... just what you need to make you feel like you are not at home in your own home. I am sure it will be worth it when all those floors are shiny and new!

  7. My daughter has four bathrooms in her condo. We thought it was so funny. Only one is a full bath though. She would love to have a shower put into the master bath, but found that it would not only be expensive, but her dining room ceiling would have to be torn into for the plumbing.

  8. Oh how we take little things like toilets for granted. Not me though. We will be sharing one a little bathroom in the travel trailer for a couple of weeks. But that is better than nothing. :)
    Hope you get your bathrooms back soon.

  9. I hear you on this one. We have three full bathrooms, two of which are in the midst of renovations. It's a pain. But, I'll sure be grateful when they are done. It's also shown me that we CAN function with just one bathroom.

  10. Smart to sleep closer to the one functioning toilet!!!! The new tile looks lovely.

  11. Ahhh, I don't miss my townhouse days. There's something to be said for my small ranch style house, although we have only two full bathrooms. One off the master bedroom and the guest bathroom in the hallway. Enough for me and hubby, especially when I'm doing the cleaning of said bathrooms. Hope this finds you and your backside sleeping comfortably back in your own bed, enjoying your newly remodeled bathroom floors!


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