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Friday, October 25, 2013

Yikes!! An Amazing Halloween House

The story begins in early October 2012.   The most interesting full sized Halloween displays began to appear in a neighbor's long driveway.  Daily I saw ghosts, skeletons, tomb stones, rustic wood fences with stone pillars and all sorts of haunting displays magically popped up - I say "magically" because I never saw the home owner.

Then, once the spooky display was complete, the unthinkable happened.  Hurricane Sandy came to  town just days before Halloween.  Over night  all the displays disappeared.  I didn't see it go up and I didn't see it go down.

Now it is October 2013.  Last week, like mushrooms popping suddenly out of the ground, I noticed the haunting displays growing.  Again, no homeowner was in evidence.

Several days ago I noticed a startling expansion.  There was scaffolding on the front of the house at the end of the driveway.  Walls were being built about 6 feet out from the house's exterior - two story walls - with spooky looking windows and a painted stone front to match the drive way's stone pillars - and still, I saw no homeowner!

Yesterday I walked by again - and there he was - a flesh and blood person (THANKFULLY!).  I just HAD to walk down his drive way and talk with him.  A very charming (and normal looking) man.  :-) His favorite holiday is ... of course, Halloween.  He's been building these Halloween displays for years starting when his kids were little.  Each year he saves up and expands his creation.  This year
he decided to "haunt-i-fy" his house.

What an understanding wife he must have!  Can you imagine ... your husband showing up with scaffolding and a plan to make the outside of the house look run down and haunted?

So here are just a few pictures.  My camera is not really good enough to capture all this Halloween fun.  But you get the idea.


The entrance to the drive way.
Normally the drive way is just grass and a few bushes.

The next area beyond the entrance.

A charming welcoming!

A very scary image in the dark drive way.
I was very brave!  :-)

Guess this soul was a bad bad person in life!

The blue lighting was very effective.

And then there is this guy - coming out of the ground.

The House!
The blue light area is the opening to the garage.
The lights move and change colors.
The orange doorway to the left is the door to the house.

The windows above the garage opening!

Garage close up.
Now the garage lights are pick -
and, yes, there are displays within.

No hurricanes are predicted this year 
so this Halloween should be a real hoot for the kids of our neighborhood.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Some folks go to a lot of trouble for the occasion....

  2. He is getting into it big time! I like the fall decor of pumpkins, gourds and things and do very little ghoulish decorating . . . I agree though, the kids will enjoy your neighbors house this year!

  3. Wow, he really must like Halloween. I've only seen one house here done up for Halloween.

  4. Makes my effort look pathetic!!!

  5. Fantastic display. Not sure I would want to be his neighbor. How are things going with you?


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