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Thursday, June 11, 2015

A breather

I think I am ready for a brief breather.

It has been interesting discovering, touching, re-purposing, deciding, repacking, moving, discarding, displaying, and/or gifting all our belongings.  Small untouched pockets of stuff still remain - a small storage closet in the basement, the linen closet, my kitchen cabinets.  But the lion's share is done for now.

A Good Will bag stands at the ready in the kitchen - already full again - but the stuff-movement has reduced to a trickle.

The painting is done - and the rooms are mostly back to normal.  The kitchen renovation is contracted  probably for August.

The yard guy arrived this week.  Our front and back yard should be brought under control soon.

However ...

After all is said and done ... and the house looks the best it has looked in many years - we decided to stay - and not sell - at least for this year.  Part of me is very relieved.  To sell this house I love ... and to face further upheaval - it is not a pleasant prospect after everything we have done.  And my husband, while he supported the idea and the need for a move, he seems relieved too.  But the reason for a change of residence is still a reality.  Each day I wonder how long we have until a fall by my husband makes our choice to stay a foolish one.  So the topic is not closed - just deferred.

On the joyful side of this discussion ... the main de-clutter goal has been achieved.  Minor improvements towards downsizing will continue.  It has finally become manageable.

Now the real work remains - maintaining!

But first ... a breather!


  1. Would your husband use a cane to help navigate and reduce the likelihood of a fall?

    1. He does have a cane and he has been trained to use it. But in the house he has just enough vision to move around without it ... Except for when he doesn't. 😞. You can only assist and suggest so much for someone else. I can't really imagine how difficult this is for him.


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