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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Love runs deep ...

... when you give your heart to a pet.

On this day a year ago, we lost a piece of our soul ... our family's soul.

Meathead, my son's English Bull Dog and my grand dog, passed away at his home a year ago.  He left such a big hole in all our hearts.  To this day we still mourn his death.

A looker!!
Meaty as a younger guy - charming, yet a stud muffin even from day one.
A few pictures of a short life well lived as a devoted family member.  

Cared for.
Struggled with bath time, but don't we all.

His grandmother always made sure there was a pillow to rest his chin on.

Recovering with his Papa from a near death illness
one year before he died.
One of my favorite pictures.

Tucked firmly away in his Aunt's heart.
Such an old old guy in this picture.

Dear Meathead,
Rest in peace my sweet grand boy.
Your time with us was too short.  
But I know you stuck around as long as you possibly could,
  even though the last years were hard for you.
  Although I have many questions surrounding the afterlife
 I never doubt for a single minute that you are there waiting somewhere
for your family
 in whatever serves as a "heaven."
The thought of anything else is just too painful to bear.



  1. I truly believe God shares His love with us through dogs, and that they will be waiting for us in that better land that has been promised. That all dogs were as loved as Meathead . . . and Jackson and Dozer.

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of Meathead. Looks like he brought much happiness to all. Take care.

  3. What a sweet soul he was and I hope he is waiting for his human family somewhere beyond our current understanding. I know what a hole a wonderful pet can leave. We lost our beloved 16-year-old cat Gus a year ago and still miss him so much. They really do become a part of the family. I hope the memories of this very special dog are a comfort to you.


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