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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Home

I follow Paula on Smidgens, Snippets and Bits.  She participates in a few writing prompts blogs.  I enjoy reading these but seldom feel inspired to participate.  This Tuesday was different.

Ten on Tuesday is found at  She knits.  :-)  So do I.  She also is Photographer, and so am I, except she is good and I am just a point-and-shoot kind of girl.  She is a Photographer and I am a photographer.  (see the difference??)  hmmm ... me neither.  She is a Photographer.  Period.

Anyway, on Tuesdays she hosts Ten on Tuesday and this week's topic is home.  I was hooked.  I recently blogged a lot about my home.

So here is my entry for why I love my home.

View from my living room window.
I love ...
  1. that I have lived here for 30 years and so much of my life history is tattooed on the walls of this abode
  2. that my townhouse sits up from the street - on a terraced hill that gives beauty as well as space from the road - unusual for a townhouse - and that my townhouse backs to woods - again, rare for townhouse living.
  3. that my townhouse is in a well maintained quiet community with good neighbors
  4. that my kitchen is small by current standards - small but big ... functional
  5. that my mortgage has been paid off since 2002 - that saved us when both my husband and I got laid off from our jobs at the same time in 2003 - hows that for timing
  6. that after 2 years of effort - the house is painted through out, hardwood floors put in (heaven) and majorly decluttered creating space and peace in my brain - YES!
  7. that my back and front yards are small - mulch, no grass - so no mowing either.
  8. that my townhouse was big enough to provide temporary shelter to 5 family members at separate times when they needed help
  9. that my townhouse has a room totally dedicated to (and filled to the brim at times) my passions of knitting and weaving and spinning. Ok ...  spinning is more of a future passion but you get the idea.
  10. that my 68 year old legs are strong from climbing all the steps inside and out for years and years and years.  I hate the steps on grocery day, but when I am 80 I will hopefully be able to stand on two legs - not three (cane) or four (walker) or no legs (wheel chair.)  I think of it as a personal gift from my house to me
So, there you go.

That was fun!


  1. opps! Just realized ... I participated in Ten on Tuesday ... on Wednesday. So ... does that disqualify me? See, that is why I am not good at these writing prompts. I get tripped up by stuff. Oh well. :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your home and feelings with us today.

  3. I am sure I would not want those steps on grocery day too. Thank goodness I have two teens with strong legs for carrying in the groceries. Nope, I think Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday is great!!

  4. I like this; I'm going to use the prompt for a Tuesday sometime!

  5. Your house sounds perfect for you. : )

  6. I'm glad I have steps, too. I go up and down slowly on purpose, to strengthen my legs. It's built in strength training!

  7. No stairs anymore...knees complained far too much so more walking for me.


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