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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Half Way

We are nearing the end of January - and in my mind - we are reaching the half way point in winter 2016.

And what a winter it has been.

I live in the Maryland - and this past weekend we had the worst winter snow storm in the history of the state - in my county we had 32 inches of snow over 2 1/2 days.  Crazy crazy weather, because just one month ago in December it was so warm I briefly thought of turning on the air-conditioning.

We had days of warnings and predictions.  The reaction was also predictable.  HUGE runs on the food stores were reported.  Empty shelves, store staff struggling to keep up with the restocking and one story told of a person selling a loaf of bread on Facebook for $10.   Good grief.  You really only need enough food for your typical week - sometimes less.  But panic in this area hits even when one or two inches of snow are predicted.  When 2 feet are predicted, the mob reaction is breathtaking.  

And then the storm arrives and you are trapped in your house.  We had strong winds, thunder, and very very cold temperatures to accompany all the feet of snow that got dumped on us.  I always think I am going to get soooo much done while nature does it's worst.  I will cook up a huge feast, I will knit tons of things, I will read several books and I will cuddle up on the couch with a dog.  I did cuddle with a dog wrapped in a blanket, but mostly I watched the storm rage outside - except for when I was out in it shoveling.  My grand dog has short legs.  Three feet of snow would be impossible for him.  So many many trips with the shovel were made so that I could manage the snow accumulation in smaller bites.  I also made sure the birds were fed on my back deck.  Food is what keeps them warm during these severe conditions.  And I watched a lot of TV.  The storm coverage was constant.  Images of stupid people who just had to get out in the storm - stuck in their totally ill equipped vehicle were common.  Really, those folks should be fined for obstructing roadways.  If they had to be somewhere due to the nature of their jobs,  they should arrive before the storm and plan to stay over.

I survived the "snow-ma-geddin" of 2016!  And we didn't lose power - thankfully.  Today it was bright and sunny.  I am still shoveling, of course.  It will be another day before things are mostly normal.

We are half way through winter and I am keeping my fingers crossed that Mother Nature has expended all her energy on this storm.  Please, let the rest of winter pass peacefully.  My back isn't as young as it used to be.

Any big weather in your area?


  1. No big weather here; we just watch it in your area on the news! Glad you didn't lose power.

  2. I had to laugh -- I also had great expectations for the storm. Went to the ysrn store the day before to buy yarn for making slippers. Had a good book by my chair. Bought more suet for the birds. Then settled in for the duration. One day. I was happy all day. But while the snow was still falling the men of the neighborhood were out with their snow blowers moving it all over the place. I'm not complaining, really. I'm glad they love to move the snow so I don't have to. But couldn't they have waited a little while? I really wanted to be snowed in for at least a week. I got the sole of one slipper done and made a nice pot of soup. Not much else. Talked to people on the phone who called to vicariously experience the storm. Enjoyed everyone's pictures of snow on FB and shared my own. Now it's back to the real world of obligations and time stress. Spring will be here too soon.

  3. Having lived in your area and now here in western Md, it is something to see the difference how the two places cope with snow!!!
    Life pretty much goes on in spite of the snow here. They are used to snow and know how to deal with it.

  4. Glad to hear you survived it.

  5. We would always go to the store for milk and bread. I don't know why! We were never snowed in longer than 3 days. Anyone can live 3 days without milk and bread. Hope you get cleared out soon .

  6. That's quite a snow fall for your area I'm glad you were safe and didn't lose power but sorry to hear you didn't get to all the things you thought you would accomplish.

    I was just thinking that Groundhog day is just next week and we've had such a mild winter that I'm not even looking for Groundhog day to break up the monotony of winter. Yes, it's almost over and I'm relieved. Now I'll join you in hoping Mother Nature will be gentle to us these last few weeks.

    Break, $10 a loaf? You have to be kidding. Are there people that desperate that the idea of not having a slice of toast or a sandwich during a storm would consider paying that?

  7. :>"Glad you made it through unscathed. It always amazes me when they tell you for days that there is going to be terrible storms and people go out anyway. Or when they tell people a hurricane is coming and they refuse to leave their house. Unreal

  8. I'm not far from you, just outside Philadelphia. We got hammered by the storm, too. Around here we say that right before a storm, people "make French toast": they stock up on tremendous amounts of eggs, bread, and milk!

  9. Stay warm. It is sweet that you feed the birds even in Snowmageddon, because they are counting on you, as you said.


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