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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Moving ... all the time

Just a short check-in to let you know I still live!

Each day is filled from first light to dinner's end with details, on top of details, on top of yet more details.  Needless to say it is a very busy time.

The inspection of the condo turned up a totally ready property - no hidden problems. Visiting it again with the inspector confirmed how much we love the set up of this floor plan and the building generally.

The mortgage process is almost complete - with no hidden problems there either.  The only "problem" is paying a mortgage after years of no monthly payments.  But that will resolve when the townhouse sells and we can pay off the loan.

The downsizing and packing also continues.  Some furniture left our house for our son's home last weekend and a few last pieces will be donated at the end of the month.  I think I have estimated fairly well what furniture will fit in our newly reduced living space.  Only time will tell however.  The parade of objects leaving for new homes continue, but at a markedly reduced rate.  As I unpack on the condo end - it will be only loved items  - not the extras that have cluttered my life for so long.  That feels good.  The packed boxes are growing.  Empty room spaces are also growing.  Progress.

Moving weekend plans are forming.  Family and friends are holding dates.  It will be helpful to have friendly faces around me on that stress filled weekend.

Through it all there are 2 constants that are with me all the time.  I am tired and I feel a low grade anxiety.  Fatigue is normal - and will eventually resolve when everything is done.  Anxiety?  Well that is normal as well.  This townhouse holds the memories of almost half my life.  Never have I lived anywhere so long.  Something that shelters so much of your existence and holds so many memories can't help but take on an emotional attachment.

The townhouse is just a "thing," in the eyes of many ... and yet, for me ... it isn't.  It is the only loved thing left that I can't put in a box and take with me.

Don't know when I will be checking in again.  But I will be back!


  1. All the best in this huge transitional move . . .
    Packing up life and love is a huge, emotional step . . .
    I look forward to following you and your next chapter!

  2. Thank-you for checking in; sounds like things are moving along really well, even if there is (understandable) stress.

  3. I think I understand what you are saying. That might be what is holding me back from doing what you are doing!! But to move into a place with only the things I love sounds blissful!! Take care of yourself!!

  4. Now I am thinking that might be the ticket to destashing in my house, to be surrounded only by things I love. Hang in there, you are so close!

  5. Moving homes is a physical and emotional stress. Even good stress is stress. Once you are settled in I think you will enjoy the changes.

  6. If only the whole moving experience were easier. You have some unavoidable stress ahead of you. But the day will come when you are settled in your new home.


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