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Monday, September 12, 2016

The Condo - Path to the front door

A major concern was access.  It was simple: avoid steps.   For a time that criteria barred us from some very nice condos.  Second story and third story walk-ups were out. Our future might include a walker or even a wheel chair.  Sales of first floor condos were less common and when they did show up stairs would surprisingly be part of the access.

There is an external foyer and locked hallway door.  People need to be buzzed in.
This is not a feature I wanted particularly,
but it has is uses.  We don't get door-to-door sales anymore.

Then this 55+ community 2nd floor condo showed up.  It had an elevator.  Finally!

The elevator is, of course, a safety feature for my husband.  Yes, all those townhouse stairs kept our legs strong for 31 years.  But in the last year the stairs caused my husband some problems.  Just like my elderly mom before, the positive effect of stair climbing turned on us - they became a risk.  This elevator was the answer to that problem.

Our elevator
... a requirement if we were going to be on an upper floor.

Another unexpected plus to interior hallways are protection from the weather.  From a cleaning perspective, this hallway buffer to our front door is worth its weight in gold.  For years we tracked in the dirt, leaves, water, snow ... you name it ... from the community directly into our house.  Having the luxury of a carpeted hallway - no outside mess in the condo ...  is wonderful.

The community streets and the hallways are well lit.  I spent almost 2 years trying to get improved lighting on the townhouse common area steps near our townhouse with no success.  No amount of reasoning would move the board of directors to improve lighting for anyone - even someone who was disabled.  Go figure.  Now that problem is solved as well.

Our front door.
But we don't live in hallway, so next time we will go beyond the front door.

The condition of the condo was another major consideration.

Next time ...


  1. I look forward to seeing the interior, the entry way is so nice and your new condo has a lot of pluses for you.

    1. The entry and the community is nice. It is growing on us! :-)

  2. I don't think condo living is for me. But I can't wait to see yours. I might change my mind!!

    1. Paula, condo living is not for everyone. I was raised in apartments so this setting isn't strange to me. And for someone who wants to be free from the care of land and structure like my husband and I do, this is great. In the end, as we all age, very few can continue to maintain property - it just gets harder. Sometimes you can hire people to do the things you can't do anymore, but I would rather just not spend money on that. this works for us - as much as a struggled against it.

  3. It really sounds like you are settling in now.

  4. Sounds like lots pluses for you living there and you haven't even let us inside yet! : )

    1. Yes, there are a lot of pluses. It was the right move - I think there was a Godly hand pushing me towards this even when my personal self hated the idea of moving. It is true - one door closes and another one opens.

  5. I like the condo corridor and the features you showed are indeed nice and helpful. I grew up in the apartment, but we always had a country house (dacha), so I had enough of space. The carpeted floor looks wonderful and so neat!


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