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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Condo - Kitchen

A series of posts on my new home.
As I go about my day in this new place I call home
I frequently think ...
"I like this (xyz) so much better."
Maybe I should write about it.

The Kitchen

I am not a 'kitchen' person.  I could get along with much less kitchen.  Stunningly, my smaller condo came with a bigger kitchen.  Like twice the size. Sometimes I miss my smaller kitchen because I could work in that space efficiently - with just a turn get what I needed.

Cooking is the main function of this room.  I don't enjoy cooking!  I cook to eat.  There is one exception to this - I enjoy making special dinners - like holidays, birthdays, company meals, etc. But the every day cooking, the several times a day kind of cooking - is pretty much a chore.

Unfortunately eating is a requirement of life ... like breathing!  I do enjoy eating (and breathing) so I do what I have to do to get by.  What to say about the condo kitchen?  


Ha!  I didn't even wash the dishes for this picture.

Surprisingly, I am happy with this kitchen!!

First off ... the kitchen holds every 'kitchen thing' I own.  That might seem like an odd statement - but in the townhouse some kitchen things spilled into the basement (down a flight of stairs) and around a corner - down a hall - not nearby at all.  Some pantry items also were stored in the basement.   This kitchen is big enough to solve that problem.  

Speaking of the pantry, most condos I have seen don't have a pantry.  My condo pantry is bigger than my townhouse pantry.  That feature is pretty sweet!  I tend to be a food hoarder - I know - sounds a bit contradictory - hates cooking / hoards food!  Answer - I am not much on being hungry.

Pull out lower shelves
I do love the white cabinets!  But the real plus is their function.  They have pull out shelves in the lower cabinets.  Wonderful.  I have a pot carousel in the corner cabinet.  Amazing.  In the town house my lower shelves were sort of 'no-man's-land.'  Sometimes pots got just dropped into a heap in the lower cabinets because the space was so un-user friendly.

My corner carousel

The most important appliance in the kitchen for me is a refrigerator.  It hoards stores food.  I could hand wash my dishes, use a hot plate and toaster oven for cooking, but I like a nice refrigerator.  The one in the condo has many problems: too small, exterior casing is damaged, one produce drawer broken, freezer on top rather than bottom.  But this refrigerator has one feature I totally adore - it has an ice maker.  I have never owned an ice maker and I use a lot of ice.   It is also a working unit so we will keep it ... until we have the money to replace it.

There are other minor things that I like about this kitchen, but it has one feature I really really love.

The washer and drier are located in the kitchen.  I totally LOVE the location.  Most condos do not have full size washer and driers - they have stackable units and many are located in hallways to save space.  I most certainly could get along with smaller units, but the luxury of having full size units in the kitchen is a big plus for me.

So the judgement on the kitchen?  I'll keep it!


  1. That looks a perfect size. i look at some huge kitchens and wonder about the amount of walking necessary to work in them.

  2. This condo kitchen sounds ideally planned; you got a good one. Love the pantry.

    1. Thanks, Terra. It is well planned out. Good for older folks who have downsized and probably still have too much stuff.

  3. I totally loved your new kitchen! It is welcoming and spacious. I guess once you you put your little decorations there or such it will look even more cozy. Enjoy big kitchen. You probably could put a dining table in it too :)
    I liked the open wall out looking the other room :)

    1. The opening looks out into the living room and I can see the TV from there. Pretty nice.

  4. I can't tell you how many times I've wished I didn't need to eat to live as I too can't be bothered to cook, it's just one of those things we have to do.

    That said I am thrilled for you to learn this larger kitchen actually works better for you.

    1. Yes, larger is good in this case because I have a reasonable amount of kitchen things and no where else for them to be stored. Ha! I just broke a baking dish and my husband said ... so I guess we should replace it. And I said absolutely not. No replacements. Less will be just fine. :-)

  5. Great kitchen and love the pantry.
    Sounds just perfect for you. : )

    1. Yes, I am fond of the pantry too. One of the problems we had at the townhouse was buying too much because we didn't know what we had ... because I never checked in the basement. That problem is now solved.

  6. My kitchen here is very small. I like it that way. Yours is nice! You will get used to it I'm sure. I wish I had a pantry!


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