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Friday, April 14, 2017

The Master Bedroom - Condo Tour

 A series of posts on my new home.
As I go about my day in this new place I call home
I frequently think ...
"I like this (xyz) so much better."
Maybe I should write about it."

Many months ago I began a short series of posts introducing the condo we purchased in August 2016.  This post continues that series with pictures and comments of the master bedroom.

Our master bedroom is about two thirds the size of our townhouse master bedroom.  But it is entirely adequate for our use - and in some regards, a great improvement.

To begin with this room has 3 windows creating a great deal of natural light to off set the smaller size.  Our town house master bedroom had only 2 windows.  In fact this condo has SO MUCH natural light that special window treatments are needed to block the light for sleeping or to reflect the heat of the day during the summer months.  The window treatments have room darkening shades with additional temperature controlling features.

The master bathroom is located down a short hall past and closets and is larger than our last master bathroom allowing for wheel chair access if that is ever needed.  It has a walk in shower stall with a built in seat.  Obviously this is designed for older adults who may at some point have special needs. Having taken care of an elder relative in my town home, I know just how important that walk in shower may be for us.  It also has double sinks and its own large linen closet which our townhouse master bathroom never had.

And the both closets are bigger than our last master bedroom closets.  I used to have a separate closet aside from the master bedroom closets for off season clothes which involved switching clothes twice a year.  Not so here. Everything thing fits in my walk in closet with room to spare.

So reduced bedroom floor space is a non-issue when other issues are considered.

Finally, as the pictures suggest, this room serves as a 'safe place' for my dear elderly cats, Max and Wally. Their litter is in our bathroom and their food bowls are in a corner.  Their my bed is their throne - and there are two sunny 'perches' - one for each cat, to watch the world outside.  This safe space is barred from all visiting dogs.  The cats are totally adjusted to their new home which has been a bit of a surprise to us at their senior age.   In fact, they have become more friendly and attached to us over these last few months - I guess the townhouse was an easy place to lead a solitary life and the condo, being smaller, makes them more connected to us.

We also LOVE the fact this room is located so close to our kitchen where the washer and drier is.  Doing laundry no longer involves climbing two flights of steps with loads of clothes.

All in all ... this bedroom arrangement has provided a much improved style of living.

Next up ... the living room and den!


  1. How sweet that your elder cats now have their own apartment, you may call it your bedroom but we know it belongs to them.

    1. Actually Terra, it was a method we used when we brought them home from the shelter as kittens. They started out contained in our bedroom until they got acclimated to their new environment and then slowly expanded the space they could explore. It worked well. So when we brought them to the condo that first day - they were terribly traumatized having lived for 10 years in one place. And we contained them once again in the bedroom. They enjoy the full condo, but the master bedroom is their safe zone. Cats need smaller spaces and time to get adjusted. Cats are place oriented. Dogs seem to seem eager to explore as long as they are with their owners. Dogs are owner oriented.

  2. A lovely room. I love a room with lots of windows and the light it allows in. : )

    1. Well, this condo is kind of unusual for windows I think. This condo has 10 windows AND the deck glass door. It is a lot of light. Our townhouse had 10 windows as well - and two sliding glass doors. But this place has as many windows as the townhouse!! And the townhouse was always a little dark - its exposure was different.

      AND this condo has 8 closets (which includes 2 linen closets). The townhouse has 10 closets (which included 1 linen closet). Beside the most square footage of all the condos we viewed when shopping, it had a lot of closets and windows than anywhere we looked.

      Really all we lost internally was between the two dwellings was about 900 square feet - which we really didn't use or need anymore. And, of course, I lost my emotional attachment to the townhouse with all its memories. I don't plan on doing that again with this place.

  3. Love the light and wish my laundry was on the same floor as our bedroom.

  4. Beautiful bedroom and the smaller size is probably offset by the closets that free up floor space you probably needed for dressers in your townhouse.

    I too have three windows in my bedroom and love it. Of course my windows are on the south and west so I don't have sun streaming in waking me in the morning.


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