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Thursday, May 23, 2019

My Last Week

I have to say - the last week was pretty darn wonderful.  I know I set the bar pretty darn low on the "wonderful" scale, but it was.

My son, daughter-in-law and grand daughter were on a trip to Disney World in Florida.  As the official dog grandma, I get to spend quality dog sitting time with their funny and crazy dogs when they travel.  The white English Bull Dog is Ragnar - Rags for short.  The mixed Hound and Mountain dog mix is Olivia, Livvy for short.  They live about 20 minutes from me.

Rags - a photogenic little guy!

And a busy guy - always on the run.

They are good friends generally.

Olivia is the smart one - like really smart!
Scary smart!  

Since these wonderful creatures are yard trained dogs vs leash trained dogs, I find it easier to pack my bags and move in with them for dog sitting.  I travel back home every afternoon to spend time with my husband and make him dinner - then I travel back to my exuberant charges who are always over joyed to see me.

What makes this time so special - beyond getting quality time with these mutts?  The answer is easy.  I do NOTHING.  Beyond making sure they are fed, medicated, and loved - and yard time of course, the time is my own.

And yard time does not involve just opening the door and letting them run!  Oh no.  If I do that, they pee and then return to the door looking in with sorrow in their eyes.  Yard time must include Grand ma standing in the yard and watching them.  The 'watching them' is critical to them having fun.  It is like they are performing for my enjoyment!  And, in truth, I do get enjoyment watching them run and play.

Beyond that - I do nothing.  Absolutely NOTHING.  It is grand beyond measure.

This visit, however, I had two very selfish goals!

Goal #1: Watch as much as I could of Game of Thrones on their cable connection (I did see the final episode in really time with the rest of the world.  Thrilling!)  And I was re-watching the previous episodes.  I made it through Season 5!  I will check out season 6 and 7 from  the Library.

Goal #2: Finish knitting Esk's dress while I watch Game of Thrones. I am at the hem.  Almost!

I didn't complete either goal - and you know ... that was ok!

I don't answer the phone, I don't talk to anyone, or do any household chores.  I eat and snack when I want to and what I want (sharing, of course, with my mutts), but except for my time at home in the afternoons with my husband, my time is my own.  It is freedom.

There is only one little downside - they wake and greet the morning at 5:30 am.  I do not!  BUT those early mornings did extend my day about 2 hours so that I had more Game of Thrones time and more knitting time.  Ha!  Who says there isn't a silver lining to every cloud!

Now back to the real world!


Michelle said...

Hurray for your mini-vacation! I'd probably binge-watch NCIS instead....

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

That's funny that the grand-dogs make you stay outside so they can have you watch them having fun. Maybe they were told that you need some fresh air. My mom used to be my dog sitter and it sure takes the worry out of going some place when you know your fur-babies are well cared for.

Retired Knitter said...

Michelle - that is what it was. A "stay-cation."

Misadventures - when my adult kids were younger and they started getting dogs, I helped them out by watching them regularly during the week. That gave them a day or two where they didn't have to race home to the dogs to feed and walk them. Then my son got married and I thought, "Ok there are 2 of you now" so you don't need my help as much. But the pattern of dog visits was set,I fell in love with those mutts, and I started seeing them because I want to - for myself. Now I go into "dog withdrawal" if I don't see these mutts regularly. They give me so much more than I give to them.

I clearly do this now for selfish reasons - for me!

Susan said...

I know all about scary smart. And it is scary. What a glorious way to spend your staycation! Man, oh, man, what I wouldn't do to have a vacation like that. I love the fact that you must be present during play time. It must be very nice for your grand dogs to have you there with them most of the day. I know my two characters are over the moon when their auntie comes to house/farm sit.

Nawm D Gerr said...

Sounds great and I know your family is relieved to have you in this role as not only petsitter but Grand Pet Sitter. Looks like you enjoyed it.

Marie Smith said...

We look after the grand-dog on occasion too. Love that time usually!

Glad you enjoyed the time you had with the dogs!

netablogs said...

Those are beautiful granddogs! How nice that your adult children have a trustworthy, loyal dog sitter to count on. It makes it so much easier to go away! We usually take our little chi to my sister's place when we need someone to watch him longer than a couple of days. He loves it there and we know he's being spoiled and looked after very well. Lots of lap time!

happyone said...

Sounds ideal for you! : )

Seeking Serenity said...

that would be pure heaven for me- to be alone with pets!

Angela said...

Those dogs looks like a lot of fun! Glad you got to have them for awhile! I sure wouldn't mind having a vacation like this! :)

Terra said...

I can see that you had a wonderful time being Dog Grandma and they enjoyed it too. I always have liked English bull dogs so Rags is especially cute to me.

Bohemian said...

How hilarious the Grand-Dogs need an Audience just like a Grandkid would! I used to petsit for The Man's Boss when they'd vacation in Europe every year. Their Sheep Dog was so smart and she Loved me, but hated everyone else so it was a for sure gig for me every year! *LOL* I don't know why exactly she was so fond of me since I'm not really a Dog Person, I do think Animals feel your Energy and know the Heart better than most people do tho'... I really enjoyed being her petsitter and would languish there longer than I actually had to.