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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Walking, Watching, Weight Watchers


My walking life took a hit last week.  All the Game of Thrones binge TV watching and all that knitting time resulted in low step counts (about 8,000 on average - so I guess not so low.)  Yes, I could have watched TV and walked in place at the same time.  But what doesn't work is walking in place and watching TV and knitting - all at the same time.  Last week wasn't a total 'slug fest' as I did get out for a few walks, and I did my Leslie Sansone Walking Indoors DVD about 3 times (my grand dogs thought that was pretty funny to watch), but reaching 10,000 steps each day just didn't happen.

However, I am now off the couch!

Time to get back on that walking wagon - hmm - wagons are for sitting ... time to strap on those walking shoes and get stepping again.

And I am doing that - but carefully!  My left knee (2017 surgery knee) has been complaining a bit.  The answer to that problem is simple - continued walking and the return of the PT strengthening exercises  Thankfully my knee seems to warm up to the exercise if I slowly push through and step carefully.  It almost feels normal after 15 minutes so I know nothing serious is going on.  For now ice packs after walking, Advil and a knee brace are 'my friends.'  (And, let's not forget the PT leg exercises to strengthen.)

On the plus side - (a very BIG PLUS),  I have discovered the many of my 'age related' complaints are minimized with all the extra movement.  I can get up in the morning with little stiffness in my legs. Even my knee feels normal again.  I don't seem to need that early morning 'adjustment' period of letting all my body parts 'wake up.'  My leg cramping problems are much reduced.  My energy levels are so much better.  And when I feel down - going out and taking a walk fixes that problem.


I don't think I ever sat and watched so much back-to-back TV as I did this past week.  Game of Thrones episodes is like eating potato chips - you can't watch just one!  Although I did read the books years ago and saw most of the seasons when they first aired - that was a long ago - 8 years to be exact.  I forgot a lot of the details.  It is fun to catch up and watch them again.  But all that sitting is just too much after a bit.

But I am not done with Game of Thrones.  I am still watching the back seasons of Game of Thrones through the library loan system.  Once that is finished I will be done.  I will really really miss this series.  Amazing production values, great story, total escapist type experience!  It will be hard to replace that series with something else.  After 8 years it is like saying goodbye to old friends (good guys and bad guys).

Weight Watchers

I started Weight Watchers in July 2018 and I went on a Weight Watcher break in December!  I was within 3 pounds of my goal weight.  That break was supposed to be a few weeks - ended up being a few months.   I guess you don't really call it a 'break.'  It is more of a stop!  Thankfully I haven't regained more than 3 pounds.  Guess my eating habits have changed for the better.  Thank you Weight Watchers.

I have tried to get back on the Weight Watcher Wagon twice since December - getting on that wagon involves actually tracking what I eat and sticking to the program limitations.  The limitations aren't the problem.  I can't seem to consistently track any more - I never really enjoyed that part of it.  But I know it is an important part of the plan for success.

Since I am paying a monthly fee - and not really using the program, I am sorting out if I want to just stop paying for now.  To stop paying means that I will lose access to the online features that make tracking easy.  But if I am not tracking ... *sigh* ... I guess those online features aren't as important right now.

Struggling with this idea.

In truth, I don't see myself tracking what I eat forever regardless of my decisions right now!  But the diet is a healthy one and very user friendly - so it is hard to just let go.  Except - I think I have already let go ... by default!  *sigh*.

My enthusiasm now is walking.  The positive feedback I get from that activity is massive.  I think walking (and keeping generally to the Weight Watcher program without tracking) - if kept up will be the answer to holding my weight stable for now.

So ... I have talked myself out of this monthly charge and moving away from formal adherence to the program.  We will see how it goes.

I can return at any time - the time is just not right now!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you have formed some great, healthy habits that are paying off big dividends. What a positive update on all fronts!

Marie Smith said...

I am reluctant to begin the GoT series for fear of being sucked into the binge which will inevitably overcome me. I will wait until the winter. I enjoy the outdoors too much this time of year.

Lynne said...

Some great advances for you . . .
Walking, moving your body better, eating better, all good things!
I think reflecting about it all is important too.
I think the WW tracking is a great plan but being realistic for me
it gets done in my head just fine.

I seem to eat the same way each day.
Those days when I am not having my regular day are the ones I keep my eyes on.
For me, watching how many carbs, (like all the things I like, helps me the most.)
I manage to even eat pizza without the crust . . .
Every little cut back can’t help but help just a bit.

Right now I am “curbing” sugar . . . and it takes energy when it comes to ice cream.
But, like I said, every little bit of “watching” helps.

I have never been one to eat just one piece of chocolate . . . know what I mean!

Susan said...

I am not disciplined enough to track anything for more than a week, so that would not work for me. But I think the walking - the movement - is the most important part of any healthy plan. I am going to start walking the dogs early in the morning, before all the truck traffic, and think that all three of us will benefit. You go, girl!

Sandy said...

You might try tracking with a different method, to see if it being different, a bit of a novelty helps you get back into it. Like Fitbit or My Fitness Pal. I've used both. I love my fitbit and feel naked without it, but am not good at tracking so understand where you're coming from. I've slowly gotten my steps up a bit, but still not wear I was before the broken foot. Plus with all the stuff with Dad, I'm not out walking walking daily like I was. I do knit and watch tv and step. The only way I've found it works is to drape my knitting on the back of a chair (wingback, so fairly high). Step a given number of times and then knit a given number of stitches, or step and knit a step in rhythm. However, when the show get's intense or really interesting I find I either stop knitting or stepping to concentrate on the show, lol.

Madeline Kasian said...

I think WW has a plan where you do a “simply filling” thing and don’t have to it maybe? I am open WW and the tracking is the ONLY THING that keeps me losing the weight. A few times I stopped and the weight loss stopped too.. I did not gain but.. to keep moving towards my goal weight I find I HAVE TO : MEal plan a week at a time.Grocery shop once.Make the meals.Sit down and eat my 3 meals a day at regular intervals.THAT Stops my sugar cravings completely.If I want a “sweet” (rare now) I slice up a banana and put 1 tsp. Chocolate syrup over it..this tastes like a banana split to me now.. anyway— good luck whichever methods you use.

Walking: You have motivated me to get moving a bit more.I am creaky in the mornings and I do find that moving MORE clears that up!

Thanks for the inspiration...

Leigh said...

Dan and I felt the same way when we finished the Downton Abbey series - like losing old friends!

I think dietary discipline is hard for us all, especially when we lost motivation. I think maybe my Dad is the only person I know in the world who can consistently limit himself to only two cookies for dessert. I did not inherit his will power! lol

Angela said...

You seem to live very healthy! I am taking a medication (Blood pressure) that is making me gain weight, sadly it came with that warning. I used to count carbs but gave that up. It's always good to walk!

Sandy said...

Popping in to say hi, hoping you're walking is coming along.

A :-) said...

For me, tracking is a safety measure somehow - I feel safe when I track. It gives me the structure that I apparently need to keep moving forward. When I find myself not tracking, it usually means I've been eating stuff I don't want to write down . . . but that's just me :-)

I tried to get in to GoT - but once Sean Bean was gone . . . ;-)

Bohemian said...

I did Nutrisystem for 10 Months about 10.5 Years ago and lost 61 lbs. but their maintenance program didn't work for me and I gained it all back plus some. So... I'm trying to lose weight NOT on a paid Program that is financially so sacrificial, that if I don't stick with it, fails and makes all that expense seem futile. But being an insulin dependent Diabetic, I am determined to get to a Goal weight which might help my pancreas, among other body parts.