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Monday, November 19, 2012

My New White iPhone

So, the "big girl" phone arrived.

I am now the owner of an iPhone.  

I have always been excited about my new Apple "toys." products.  Always.

I remember vividly when I got my iTouch, and my iPad, and my Apple computer.  I dearly enjoyed each acquisition and the new functionality it gave me. 

For some reason my new iPhone doesn't do that for me. 

I have had it for almost 2 weeks.  It works like a charm. I can now sit on my couch (in my living room in my house ... I mean really inside my house ... with the door closed even ... ) and make a phone call - no easy trick with my old cell phone which treated my house as a "dead zone."

And it is nice to be able to check my email anywhere, anytime - not just in a hot spot.

However, I still am not a "cell phone junkie."  I could easily return to "the land of no cell phones."  (Joyfully return)  And the increased flexibility of access to the internet and email - well ... it just isn't all that important to me.

But I am ready for the next big storm that takes down the power ... which means ... we should have a mild winter!

You all can thank me later!



Lynne said...

I like it . . . been wondering if I should make the change. Just not into the phone though . . . maybe I have my answer . . .

Anonymous said...

I'll thank you now lol. We have an old cell least 8 years between the two of us. We only turn it on if we are out somewhere and need to make a call. Last week we thought we'd call our daughter and see if she was home. Neither of us could remember how the darn thing worked.

Linda said...

Nice you can call from inside your home! LOL,I want to call you now! Hello from the beach, I am back again.

Rickismom said...

I find the iPhone most usful when traveling by car/bus (NOT driving)... I can check up email, etc and use that "off time" productively. (Of course, knitting is good for that too!)-Rickismom from WT

Unknown said...

I think the development and continuous innovation among smart phones are unstoppable now. Last week, I bought myself an iPhone 5. I’m still in the process of knowing every bit of it. The features are not totally different from the recent model, but it’s still a really great buy!

- Venus Eckert

Joanna said...

Congratulations on the new iPhone. It’s really going to rock your world with its features and cool, boredom killing applications. By the way, if you happen to have old gadgets that you’re just going to junk or throw away, don’t do it! You can actually make some money out of it by selling it.
- Joanna Daniels