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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty

I enjoy the virtual visit to  It is like visiting a farm and spending time on the porch with friends.  Now that I am back to blogging it seemed like a good time to return to the front porch!  To participate, visit the Every Day Ruralty and follow the instructions.  It happens every Tuesday, but feel free to come and go as it fits your schedule.  Answer the questions offered ... and visit others who are sitting on the farm porch with you.  Cheers

Do you prefer to drive or be driven?
I used to prefer to drive, but now my husband's eyes are so poor that he has given up driving.  I am the only driver in the family.  I love being driven now - it seldom happens, but when it does it is pure joy for me.

What's your favorite kind of jam, jelly, or preserve?
I love blueberry preserves.  They aren't very common - easier to find strawberry!

Do you have any special plans for this spring or summer?
I will be attending Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May.  This is a major event for me - sort of like High Holy Days for knitters, weavers, and spinners.  In June I will visit The Mannings in PA for their annual Spin In (a day long event devoted to spinning wool).  In August, I plan to attend the annual Knit In at The Mannings (a day long event devoted to knitting).  See a theme here?  

Lots of folks are becoming aware of issues with food. There are many articles, books, and movies on topics like allergies, GMO, pesticide use, bad or no labeling, over processed foods, foods from other countries that may not have high standards, and many more topics. What concerns you the most? If nothing concerns you, have a cookie and skip to the next question.  Guess I am pretty trusting about my food and the suppliers.  I am sure there are issues, but I am 66 and have eaten pretty freely without regard to food safety (other than making sure to avoid spoilage or undercooking), and I haven't had any problems.  I am trying to eat less processed foods and more fruits and veggies, but that is it.

Do you use nail polish often? Finger nails, piggies, or both?  Never.  All my nails are a mess.  I am not fussy in that regard.


  1. Blueberry preserves...yum. Haven't tried those...will have to be on the lookout!!! HOPE you have a great week!

  2. Nice sitting on the porch with you. : )

  3. Gram used to make jelly out of black and red currants....wonderful stuff.

  4. YAY for fiber events! I didn't know Blueberry preserves were your favorite!

  5. What a nice way to share more about yourself!

  6. May I come and visit you in May, June and August? I saw a theme!

  7. I like to make blueberry preserves. I was thinking of going to the same sheep and wool festival, but we have a farm event that weekend. One of these years I will go. I've heard the sheep to shawl competition is fun to watch.Have a good week!


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