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Thursday, April 4, 2013

You guys will understand!

I have a tale of woe.  I must share because you guys are the only ones who will understand.

In November I stopped walking.   You know how this goes ...

walking every day,
feeling good,
 feeling energetic,
 ready to attack life.

Normal response for a logical, intelligent, enthusiastic person in this situation ... ?

Quit walking, of course.  

OK, not normal or intelligent, but it is what happened.

Now, today I took my first walk in 5 months.  Here is the blow-by-blow of how it went.

  • Stepped out the door in my new expensive walk/run shoes. 
  • Plugged in my new audio book to keep me company. 
(Double Yeah!)
  • Weather ideal. Cool, clear, perfect.
  • 100 steps out, my left big toe joint began to hurt. 
(Toes in obvious shock!)
  • 10 minutes later the toe pain stopped. 
(Toes finally noticed the new expensive new shoes.)
  • Left heel pain starts.
Heel pain in my $150 dollar shoes
 and my $400 prescription orthotics??
  • Pain resolves in about 5 minutes. 
(I should think so!!)
  • Nose starts to run.  Allergies.  But I am prepared. I have tissues.
  • Tissues have blood in them. I have a nose bleed.  
(Is this a joke?)
  • Headed back home.  Walking in the front door, the toe is fine, the heel is fine and my nose bleed dries up. 
(Good, because I was out of tissues.)

I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

I have lots more body parts that don't want to cooperate.  

PS - Not blogging.  Just sharing.



  1. I am really happy you are not blogging, just sharing and stopping in once in awhile. Because, by sharing like you are, I find it great fun and a refreshing truth.

  2. Well you certainly got some signals from the universe that this was not a good day for walking/jogging....took you a while to catch on though lol.

  3. I think you will be able to ease right back into it sooner than you think. Don't give up! I love your happy attitude!

  4. Oh! As Nike says, "Just do it!"

  5. Oh, man, do I feel for you. I am trying soooo hard to get back into walking again, I managed to get tendinitis, and right now the pollen is past oh my G*d levels here, so I do indeed understand! But, keep working on it!


  6. It won't take long before you're a pro again. : )

  7. Elaine,
    Do you remember Erma Bombeck....this post reminds me of her, I think you have a writing career ahead if you want it!

  8. You can't catch a break. On the positive, it will get better (it can't get worse, can it?). Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOL - sounds like par for the course!


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