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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I blinked!

Wow, that was a long blog break!

  About two months.

And I had no idea that a break was coming.

  No idea!!

And if you "blink" ... things change.

During the blink (ok, it was a 2-month blink - but who was counting) - I discovered a few things:
  • I missed blogging! (I guess that shouldn't be a shocker, but it was.)  I missed writing.  I missed visiting blogs.  I missed being visited.
  • I missed stuff!  All kinds of stuff.  Stuff like:        
                   A good blogger friend was hospitalized!  Double yikes!!   So sorry, HappyOne.
                   Another blogger friend returned to blogging after a long absence like me.  Welcome back
                   One blogging friend just picked up everything and moved away.  Wow,
                             Diane, when you make a change you don't mess around.
                   My cousin who knits, spins, and weaves ... knits, spins and weaves rings around me!
                            Talk about productive, Linda.  (So I clarify a bit.  This isn't new behavior for her.
                             She has been doing it for a long time.  But sitting on your own butt for 2 months
                             exacerbates the impact of her creative output. )  Hangs head in shame.
  • I panicked a bit when Google Reader announced their departure.  They were my blog post capture tool. Oh my God!!  How will I keep up with everyone?  (... that is after I stop blinking) But now I subscribe to blogs by email - a much more civilized method of keeping up with blog posts.  So "good riddens" Google Reader - I blinked, you bowed out, and my blog life improved!  So there, Goggle Reader! 
Going forward I need to be more reasonable about blogging - so I can avoid the "blink" effects.
  • Blog on a semi- regular schedule.  At least once a week sounds good - thanks for the idea, Noofy.
  • Limit blog subscriptions.  It is totally unrealistic to have over 500 outstanding blog posts to read.  And, seriously, that was the number when I was brave enough to peak at Google Reader during the blink.
  • Subscribe to blogs by email -  I get new posts each day a little at a time.  Really, folks, that has been refreshing!
Woo Hoo!

Glad to be back ... 
even if I am talking to myself only after all this time
and all you guys have moved on to others
who don't have blink issues.




  1. And in the "blink of an eye" you returned . . . happy days are here again!

  2. She's back...woohoo!!!!!

    1. It is comforting to know I am not talking to myself!! LOL

  3. Welcome back. You think you spent a lot of time reading blogs?
    You should try it on dial-up!
    I go wash dishes, crochet, catch up my bill paying, play with my dog....
    I'll check into that email thing.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Oh my gosh Anita. I can't imagine how frustrating that much be for you.

  4. Welcome back! I keep up with new blog posts on my Dashboard. I accidentally followed using Google Reader once and didn't like the interface at all, and I think I'd be overwhelmed by new posts in my inbox. Maybe I follow too many blogs! ;-)

    1. You know I have never used anything other than Google Reader so I have nothing to compare it to.

  5. Glad to see you back!

  6. Together, we'll walk weekly through blogdom, sharing our lives, just like old times. I've missed everyone too, especially you, welcome back!

  7. Lovely to see your post and Happy Birthday!


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