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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Yearly Bath

Trust no one!


Trust no one!

So here I am, the Meathead, the main dog, the man ...
at my Papa's camp grounds.  
Soaking in the beautiful sun.  
Life is good!  I am with all my peoples.
  No problems on my radar!

Suddenly the sun is blocked - by too many bodies!

Hmmm... too much attention focused on me!

Hey, Meathead, Milo here.  This doesn't look good.  Not good.
Not good at all!

What!!!  Water on my back?
I think I remember this happening before.
This is not a good development!

Crap!  Soap!  

This is not going to throw me!
  Proceed with dignity!

Sigh!  Water again!  

OK, guys.  You knew this was coming. 
The Shake!
Ah, better.

This is unacceptable.  I am not happy.

I will not forget!  

I am never going to forget this, Grandma.  You could have rescued me instead of taking pictures.

My eyes are closed. My expectations are totally dashed!  

Finally.  A towel!  

I repeat!  
Trust no one.


  1. Ganged up on...tsk tsk.

  2. So cute! Was good to see you on my site today! I have wondered what you were up to!

  3. LOL!!!! Love it when the animals talk!

  4. Loved this . . smiling big time . . . i enjoyed listening and watching Meathead and Milo!

  5. Duke has accepted bath time. But not happily.


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