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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Knitted Shawl - Holden

One of the things that kept me from going crazy during the last 4 months was knitting.  Here are the pictures of my most recent finished object. 

This shawl pattern is call Holden by Mindy Wilkes.
I have made this pattern twice and will probably make it again.  It is a very enjoyable and easy knit.

The yarn is a gradient set by Miss Babs called Eucalyptus.  The gradient yarns contain graduated colors of 100% Superwash Merino wool - fingering weight yarn - 798 yards.  What does not show are the true colors.  It begins with a green into a blue into a tan into a pinkish tan into a pink.

Here is the gradient set called Eucalyptus off the Miss Babs web site.
Even these colors don't look like the ones in my kit
Oh well.  Guess you have to see it in person.

The funny thing about this yarn was while I knitted, I decided I didn't like the colors.  I was disappointed with how they moved from one color to another.  I couldn't decide what made me purchase this mix of colors (all were packaged together as a group picked by Ms. Babs.)  Ms Babs colors are always stunning.  I figured this for a 'fail' but decided to finish it because I love the pattern.

Once I finished the shawl - I still didn't care for it.  Then I blocked it.  Like magic, I decided I DID like it!  Blocking really is the 'wonder-action' that makes all things right in knitting.


  1. Wow! Your Holden is beautiful. I do like the colors too. Good job!

  2. That is beautiful. You are a talented knitter. : )

  3. The shawl is absolutely beautiful!!! I don't know how it looked before blocking but it's spectacular now. Great time of the year to enjoy it also. Happy fall!

  4. That is stunning! You did a beautiful job

  5. I am constantly amazed by your knitting skills. The shawl is beautiful and just in time for the chilly weather.


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