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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thank You Readers

I haven't said this yet.

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Thank you for sticking with me during this difficult (and some times whiny) time.
  It began to feel to my own ears like I was obsessed ... going on and on and on ...
as I worked my way through this mega life change.
Even as I was writing I was feeling annoyed with myself - sometimes telling myself
 'GET OVER IT' for gosh sakes!!  

And yet I couldn't - at least then.

It was part of the reason I took a small break - until the townhouse sold.
  I was just tired of feeling the way I was feeling, I couldn't shake it,
and I couldn't inflict any more of that on you.

I am way better than I was - and we are doing well.

But a major thank you to all of you.

You guys are the best!


  1. That is exactly how I felt after Richard died. That surely people were sick of hearing me go on and on about him. I scaled back for their sakes. I loved hearing about your transition to a new home. Maybe it is because I know I will be doing the same thing! Keep writing. You are doing it for yourself!! If it helps you then that is a good thing!!

  2. Your welcome. : )
    So glad you are happy in your new home.
    You're not so bad yourself. : )

  3. I have been interested in reading through your process; figured it would inform me for my own future!

  4. I could feel your pain saying good bye to your lifetime home but I never saw any of your posts as whiny! We all struggle with issues as life moves on and our friends, online or off, should be there to listen. But if it helps you are welcome. :-)


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