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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Book of Questions - #003

Series: The Book of Questions by Gregory Stork, Ph.d

Question 003
If you had to be obsessed with money, sex, sports, 
religion, or food,
which one would you choose?

You know, I look at these questions and I almost always think, "Oh this question isn't too hard."  And then I try to answer and I realize - not so easy!

I spent a few minutes trying to pick one I would be happily obsessed with.  My eyes kept scanning the short list discarding one after another looking for ... I am not sure what!  AMAZINGLY - knitting wasn't on this list. Go figure!  :-)

Since once again I seem to struggle for an answer, we will start with the ones I wouldn't pick.

Sports - Last Place
The only time I am only remotely interested in sports is during the Olympics and when the home team is playing in some sort of final competition - like King of the Sports World.  Nope, not sports!

Sex - Very Near Last Place
Holy cow, when I think of someone who is 'obsessed with sex,' I think of someone who has a mental illness.  No, and why would anyone choose to be obsessed with an illness.

Religion - In the middle of the pack 
(remember, this is my personal position and the question asked for total honesty.)
Religion placed low on my list because they included the word 'obsessed' in the question.  Really ... being obsessed with religion has gotten the world into more trouble than any other thing.  History is littered with folks who were obsessed with religion and caused great havoc and sadness to the human race.  I truly believe that even God doesn't want man to be obsessed with Religion - especially organized religion - ANY organized religion.  I think God is obsessed with people living a good life - no matter what your religion.  

Doesn't sound hard, does it.  Only humans make things so darn hard.

You might ask ...with that opinion why isn't Religion in last place.  For me religion implies an organized way of thinking about the Creator - a way to structure the unknowable.  Not a bad thing.  Raised Catholic my belief structure leans that way.  But I have grown to be more spiritual than traditionally Catholic. I don't support 'the one true faith' theory.  If there is a heaven, it will be filled with all who have lived a good life.  Yes, I check the Catholic box when asked for my religious preference (it is what I know best), I occasionally find comfort in entering a church (an empty church is best) but I can get that same feeling by walking in a forest, and I firmly believe there is a God and that thought gives me comfort especially for all the family and pets who have passed from my life.  I want to experience them again in whatever passes for an after life.  

But does that count as obsessed with religion?  God help me - that would be my idea of a nightmare.

Well ... I hate to cook.  And the question didn't say anything about eating food.  I love to eat.  Really, 'food' is pretty vague.  I suppose a chef could be described as 'obsessed with food.'  But it might be argued that a chef is obsessed with the process of food preparation and presentation.  They probably enjoy eating their creations, but obsessed with eating food?  No, it must be the act of cooking.

Regardless - food keeps me alive.  But it can't be in the top spot. 

Money - the winner by process of elimination
Boy, having Money in the top spot sounds so ... so ... shallow!

Why couldn't they have included knitting!!!  :-)

This choice, money, is the one I am most comfortable.  Obsession with money sounds harsh but when I think about that choice - I also think about what money can provide.  Beyond the basics of a comfortable life for myself, money can make a huge difference to family and friends, charities and scientific research, education and third world countries.  The list is endless.

So 'money' wins.  (Hopefully spending it wisely redeems me.)

 to hear your choice and why you picked it.


  1. I have my obsessions but they aren't on that list! I think we need a new list. 🙃

    1. I agree!

      But the premiss of this series of questions is you take only what is offered - exactly - and make your best effort. In the book introduction they addressed the fact that some questions might seem too limited or all the possibilities are beyond your range of acceptable options - but because you are confined to the question entirely, you must do some 'soul searching' to answer it. It has been hard and interesting at the same time.

      This question had no 'right' answers for me! That is why I felt I had to answer in detail - because the top answer was not the best one for me either - but hemmed in by the guidelines I have accepted - that is how my answer played out.

      It is an VERY interesting exercise if you adopt the premise of the book. It makes you think. No easy answers, no knee jerk reaction. So far I have adhered to the premise.

  2. I wouldn't pick religion but Jesus.
    Religion is mostly rules that man has made up.
    I believe if everyone who says they are a Christian really was a Christian and followed the teachings of Jesus we would live in a very different world.

    1. I agree! TOTALLY! But Jesus was not on the list.

      That is the challenge of this exercise. You are limited by the choices they provide. And based on what the question is - you have to do some real soul searching to reach a conclusion. Just like my response to Cynthia, this book really makes you think. If you get to your answer quickly AND you stuck to the premise of the questions - you are lucky.

      Thinking through your choice of 'Jesus' - maybe your response could have been Religion ... because if everyone who says they are good/and right, and followed the teachings of their 'God,' (a more inclusive title for us all) we would live in a very different world. And I do believe that because ALL the major religions are based on peace and love - all of them. It is only when "obsession" is added to the mix that some people (a minority) tip over into extremism in religion and by exclusion they make everyone else evil - and then they act on that exclusion!

      See what I mean - the questions make you think - and sort out your personal position.

      Sorry - I didn't mean to speak for you. It was me just offering a perspective. And although you wouldn't choose religion, you didn't say what your top choice would be.

    2. I guess given those choices I would have to pick religion.

  3. My instinct was clear on this one, but after reading your post I was reluctant to answer. In spite of all the negative connotations some people have of "religion," to me it is like "marriage," a contract of sorts with Someone whom I love with all my heart. The obsession with any of the other choices would just make me greedy, a glutton, a slut or a crazed fan; no thank-you!

  4. I get your approach. This exercise is so wonderful because it is what is right and correct for the individual person who answers. And we are all formed by our life experiences and our culture and our family, and so many variables it would be hard to list. So we all approach this question so different for many different reasons. If the choice had been "God" - and not "Religion" - this might have been an easier choice for me. But following the guidelines of the exercise (which if you are literal like me), I really really struggled.

    Sure hope this is the hardest question.


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