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Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Quiet Month

Finally I have reached the best month of the year
 that I earned by surviving the previous two months.  
The Quiet Month ... January!

I love everything about January.

I love the absence of holidays, the routine of each day, and peaceful weather that has done all its contortions to change the seasons. Settling into the placid pace of winter is the reward.  Even when there is a snow storm - it usually approaches quietly no matter how intense it becomes. And a snow event leaves behind a beautifully clean white blanket ... hiding many of the ugly signs that man has passed this way.

Even my frantic decluttering mojo that struggled to make space around me has passed, as I knew it would.  It will return, but for now it is hibernating.

The whole of January is like a pause that allows time for rest and recharge.  No distractions from the chilly outside world or demanding holidays.

For me - January is month made more special because of the full display of all the seasons in my area.  How fortunate I am to live where the four season equally share the spot light.  Folks who crave heat and love living in more southern climates miss out on some of nature's best displays of energy and wonder.  How sad it would be to never enjoy Fall's breathtaking colors, Spring's budding and waking, and only have Summer's showy lush greening and growing day after day after day.  And those that live in areas where Winter is King and night never seems to end also miss out on some of the qualities that Summer contributes.   Without all those experiences, January might lose some of it luster for me.  Because of the seasons, January makes its own quiet statement.

As interesting and celebratory and visually stunning as those other seasons are ... I always look forward to the rest and recharge month.

Let's hear it for the Quiet Month!!


Angela said...

Totally agree!! The absence of Holidays it's indeed a good thing. Around here gets too cold for one to do much outdoors. I too love quietness and tranquility. Wishing you a wonderful time in hibernation!

happyone said...

I like winter too and January is a great month.
I didn't realize how much I liked snow and winter till we moved up here.
Just like you I'm glad to live in a place with all 4 seasons!!

Mama Pea said...

Hallelujah, another wise person (did I just infer *I* am wise?) who loves the month of January! I've never understood folks who complain what a L-O-N-G month January is. Personally, I wouldn't mind if it lasted 90 days. I echo your sentiments regarding this glorious month exactly!

Lynne said...

Oh my yes . . .
I haven’t figured out what is wrong with me.
You nailed it . . . I am in “do nothing” mode.
At least no mega scheduled things . . .
I am into a pile of books, comfy clothes, no planned events!
Recharged . . .
Thankful you!

Marie Smith said...

You are one of the few people I have ever heard singing the praises of January. I like that attitude!

Cat said...

I also like January, because it is usually, not always, but usually, the month I have the least commitments. I am able to actually enjoy what I am doing, not being in a rush, and flitting from thing to thing...

And yes, having weather that is, well, time oriented, is wonderful. My Grandparents lived in southern Arizona, and it was warm and dry, in winter, or OMG hot and dry, the rest of the year... As an Oregonian, not my cuppa!


M.K. said...

I agree. As I age, the holiday season - two months long -- gets more exhausting and less full of wonder for me. But January with its peace is a delight. Rest is so needed. I do love where we are. We get a tiny bit of snow most years, and cold temps, but our springs and falls are long and luscious. Perfect for me.